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Thanks for making Riversweep successful

Thanks for making Riversweep successful

On behalf of the Riversweep planning group, our 14 site captains, and the generous partners and sponsors who supported the event, we thank each and every volunteer and boat captain who gave one morning of time and energy to collect the trash on the shoreline, creeks and coves of Lake Wylie.

The annual clean up went beyond the usual community service project. It was, as it has been for 13 years, the coming together of neighbors and friends, newcomers and first-timers, who bring strength and enthusiasm to lake stewardship. The volunteers’ commitment each year to pick up and haul off trash, litter, junk and debris from the shoreline sets an example for the entire area to keep the lake litter-free throughout the year.

And there’s proof these actions are getting the message out to the public. The amount of trash collected during Riversweep dropped by almost one-third from the 21 tons gathered at the 2013 event. This says a lot about personal responsibility when people use and enjoy the lake, and they are willing to maintain a clean, litter-free environment. It happens because people realize the effect they can have on a place they care about.

Please don’t litter, and discourage others from littering. This is the Riversweep message. Everyone who played a role in the event shares in the pride of this successful endeavor.

Many thanks.

Neil Brennan and Ellen Goff

Riversweep planning co-chairmen