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Clover, York runners compete in county meet

Clover and York runners competed in Saturday’s York County Cross Country meet at York Comprehensive High School.

Clover placed fourth and York seventh in the girls’ team competition, with Northwestern finishing first.

The Clover runners finished sixth and York seventh in the boys’ event, with Rock Hill topping the team point totals.

“We enjoy hosting the York County meet,” said YCHS head cross-country coach Eddie Sanders, who coordinated the event.

Clover and York individual totals in the girls’ 5K competition included the following runners:

Jesse Defalco, Clover, No. 8 with a time of 21 minutes, 11.20 seconds; Savanna Tertreault, Clover, No. 19, 22:45.20; Cassie Caldwell, Clover, No. 30, 23:31.30; Jenna Dasilva, York, No. 31, 23:35.10; Jewell McBee, Clover, No. 32, 24:02.00; Crystal Vue, York, No. 33, 24:09.00; Michelle Long, York, No. 34, 24:17.00; Victoria Burgess, York, No. 35, 24:22.10; Kaitlyn Bolick, York, No. 38, 24:32.30; Ann Marie White, Clover, No. 39, 24:38.00; Angie Mendoza, York, No. 40, 24:47.00; Juhee Bhatt, Clover, No. 42, 25:25.20; Autumn Davis, York, No. 43, 25:25.20; and Rachel Capps, Clover, No. 46, 27:32.30.

Clover’s Ben Clark placed fourth in the boys’ 5K with a time of 16:46.10.

Other individual totals: Will White, Clover, No. 12, 17:22.30; Cameron Marvin, Clover, No. 30, 18:23.40; Tyler Brittain, Clover, No. 34, 18:36.00; Leland Capps, Clover, No. 35, 18:36.10; Colton Ennis, Clover, No. 36, 18:39.10; Jared McCrone, York, No. 37, 19:00.20; and Chamon Brewington, Clover, No. 42, 19:20.10.

The remaining participants in the York County boys’ 5K are from York;

their totals are: Tyler Jackson, No. 43, 19:27.40; Matt Smarr, No. 45, 20:01.30; Colt Parker, No. 46, 20:02.10; Michael Dickson, No. 47, 20:38.10; Parker Mumaw, No. 48, 20:42.40; and Luke Bomar, No. 49, 20:54.40.

Clover was set to host the Region 3-AAAA Meet on Oct. 22 after the Enquirer-Herald deadline, with state qualifying to be determined.