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American Sniper rant hate-filled

American Sniper rant hate-filled

I read Sheldon’s article (published online Feb. 6 at Let me summarize it for you in case you lost patience reading his lengthy and hate filled rant about Clint Eastwood’s recent movie depicting Navy Seal sniper Chris Kyle. USA invaded Iraq. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Sheldon hates George W. Bush. Sheldon hates Dick Cheney. Sheldon hates Americans who disagree with him and his views on limited government. Iraq defenders fighting Americans were freedom fighters (overlook their thousands of IEDs and human suicide bombers). Americans were invaders. Sheldon speaks for all Americans (self-appointed spokesperson). The Iraqi sniper in the movie killing Americans was the real hero and should have been featured, not Kyle. Kyle (who was murdered) was a government backed hit man. If you like him, or what he did, you are a scumbag!

Kyle, being a soldier, in a war zone, defending American soldiers, killing the enemy, was equivalent to Adam Lanza (the Sandy Hook Elementary School killer). Sheldon’s analysis make sense to me.

To think Sheldon gets paid for writing these articles! And worse yet, Lake Wylie Pilot prints them! Let’s hope our local newspaper did not pay for this hate filled misguided anti soldier rant.

Rich Marsan

Lake Wylie

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