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Boyd family business in Clover expands, evolves

Paul Boyd came home from World War II and decided to open an appliance business in downtown Clover. His family has been part of the local business scene ever since.

The late Boyd, and now his two sons, Bill Boyd and Neil Boyd, have moved, expanded and evolved during more than six decades.

This year, the business is changing once again.

The Boyd brothers plan next month to open a new site for Boyd’s Lawn and Garden, which will include the sale of household hardware, in the building at 116 N. Main St. in downtown Clover.

The family-owned furniture store that was in that building closed last fall, and renovations are underway at the new location.

“We decided to get out of the furniture business and expand our lawn and garden service in that building,” said Bill Boyd, who also operates the adjacent Boyd’s Tire and Appliance at 110 N. Main St. in Clover.

“It’s all one business in two different buildings,” he said.

His brother, Neil Boyd, runs the Boyd’s Tire and Appliance site in York.

Bill Boyd said he and his brother decided to focus the multi-faceted family business on areas where they saw the most opportunity, including lawn and garden sales and service.

He said hardware sales will be a new leg of the business.

“Clover doesn’t have a hardware store,” Boyd said. “You can’t buy a nail in Clover. A lot of people are excited about the hardware.”

Boyd said he expects the new site to open by mid-March, perhaps sooner.

The hardware business, he said, will include basic household items like hoses, shovels, hammers, nails, nuts and bolts, some plumbing and electrical items, and wheelbarrows.

“Stuff that people need and don’t want to ride to get,” he said.

Boyd said the tire and appliance business will continue to sell tires, large kitchen appliances, televisions and some lawn and garden equipment. The business also services appliances, he said.

The lawn and garden business includes John Deere and Gravely outdoor utility vehicles and Stihl and Echo power equipment, such as weed eaters and chain saws. The business also sells trailers and utility buildings.

The business has evolved several times since it opened.

Bill Boyd said his father, who died in 2004, held several jobs with local businesses after returning from World War II. He decided to open his own business in 1951.

Paul Boyd went to a bank and sought a loan to start the business.

Bill Boyd said his father told him the banker gave him some advice about selling household appliances. “In a few years, everyone will have one of those,” the banker told Paul Boyd. “Then who are you going to sell to?”

Bill Boyd said his father remarked on the bankers’ business advice many years later. “That man knew a lot about banking,” Boyd said his father remembered. “But he didn’t know a thing about retail.”

Boyd said his father started out selling tires and appliances on Bethel Street. That building burned down in 1965, and the business moved to 110 N. Main St.

“Nobody ever missed a day’s work,” Boyd recalled.

The business later expanded into an adjacent building, and in 1987, Boyd’s bought the site of a burned-out grocery store at 116 N. Main St. and expanded again.

He said the lawn and garden business was added around 1974, and the furniture business was added in 1988.

Boyd said the small business scene is constantly changing.

“I think our customers are more informed than they were in the past,” he said. “They can go on the Internet and find out all the stuff before they get here.”

Boyd said sometimes it can be easier to help customers who already have a good idea what they want and know what is available.

“But there’s still a lot of people who like to feel it and touch it,” he said. “There’s still a need for a business like ours.”