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All hands on deck - part one

Dr. Matt Woodhouse is a lead pastor at Antioch International Church in Fort Mill. Visit
Dr. Matt Woodhouse is a lead pastor at Antioch International Church in Fort Mill. Visit

Two of the toughest questions that each one of us has to answer at some point in our lives are "Why am I alive?" and "Why did God put me on this earth?"

Those who realize early on that their life is not simply about gathering as many personal possessions as possible are often the people who get the most out of life. You see, above almost everything else, we were created to serve those around us. This is when, as human beings, we are at our best, giving of ourselves to others and blessing others.

As we look at the life of Jesus, we see that He epitomized this attitude of serving those around Him. May I ask you to grab a Bible right now and read John Chapter 21 and verses 4-14? Check this out - it really is quite astonishing!

Here we see Jesus, the son of God, in His glorified, risen body. He is the master and commander of the universe, the victor over hell, death, demons and the devil. A few days prior to this narrative you have just read He was crucified, and now here He is, risen, alive and changing the course of history. Here Jesus is, highly exalted by God the Father, with the name above all other names; He is radiant, glorious, and magnificent; He could not be hurt again by nails, a crown of thorns, or a spear. He is the King of kings and lord of lords and yet here Jesus breakfast!

One would think that at this stage of His life and ministry that He would not be the one cooking breakfast. Perhaps instead He should be giving His disciples some last minute wisdom, and sharing with them encouraging words regarding their personal destiny before He heads off to heaven but instead, we see Jesus making breakfast! Do you realize how amazing this is? You see Jesus knew what they needed, and even though He was and is the Son of God the disciples had been fishing all night; they were cold and hungry, so they needed something to eat!

Jesus didn't say "Look guys, now I have risen from the dead, I don't do breakfast on the beach anymore." Neither did He command angels with aprons and oven gloves to come and cook the fish for Him. Instead, He makes up the fire and gets it going, and He has fish cooking for those who needed a meal.

What a great lesson for each one of us today. We need to get out the frying pan (not literally of course; the frying pan represents us serving others, coming along side others, and meeting people where they are at) and start cooking up something for those that are around us. In other words, when we see a need, let's not say "well I'm to good or too busy for that", but rather just as Jesus served those in need, let's do what we can for others.

As we pick up the frying pan and start serving those around us, then we will begin to find answers to the questions "Why am I alive?" and "Why did God put me on this earth?" It's all about serving others.