Fort Mill Times

Letters to the Editor - March 12, 2008

Bond committee grateful

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Keep Our Schools Strong Committee, we express our deepest appreciation to voters of Fort Mill School District for their overwhelming support of the bond referendum election on March 4.

As leaders of the committee, we also thank our many volunteers who contributed countless hours and boundless energy to help educate voters and also motivate them to vote "yes." These volunteers did an amazing job, evidenced by referendum questions one and two passing with 81 percent and 76 percent support, respectively. Our pre-election polling showed voters were generally supportive of both questions, so we were delightfully shocked by the landslide. The support from voters was beyond our wildest expectations.

Credit goes to our volunteers, school parents and booster club members.

Many thanks also to those individuals, businesses and organizations that contributed money and other support to help us run this campaign. Brochures, advertising, yard signs, polling surveys and direct mail are expensive but necessary to run an effective campaign that reaches voters. We could not have done this without financial support from a diverse group of contributors.

We also thank local media for their coverage during the campaign. Their reporting helped demonstrate the true needs of our school system and raised much-needed awareness among the voters.

Finally, we thank members of the school board for asking us to lead this campaign, the district staff for their support, and, most importantly, the teachers and students of Fort Mill School District. Their achievements in and out of the classrooms have reflected well on our community for many years. We look forward to their future success, and to the opening of future school facilities.

Thank you, Fort Mill School District voters, for pledging to Keep Our Schools Strong.

Wayne Bouldin, Lori Hillman and Ted Matthews

Tri-chairs, Keep Our Schools Strong

Can't a stadium be built for less than $6 million?

Dear Editor,

In reading your editorial in the Feb. 27 edition, I agree with most of what you had to say. I am all for the bond issue dealing with building new schools. My daughter's class has gone from 13 students in first grade to 25 in fourth grade. That is way too many. We definitely need new schools and the land on which to build them. I am also in favor of adding on to the existing gyms for both high schools (although with NFHS just being built, why the planning committee didn't take growth into consideration during the planning stages is beyond me).

I do not think, however, it is necessary to build a more than $6 million stadium. A stadium is certainly desirable, but $6 million? Why so much money? Will the seats be lined with fur for cold nights or have built-in air conditioners for the heat? My point is, can't a stadium be built for less - and shouldn't it?

I think we need to remember that this is high school sports, not professional sports or even collegiate sports for that matter. We need to keep that in perspective.

I believe it is more important to attract top teachers rather than top coaches. Athletics is certainly an important part of any school, but academics is the most important aspect. And in reality, without the actual school buildings, there would be be no athletics anyway.

Mary K. Harden

River Wood Drive

Fort Mill

What's to celebrate?

Dear Editor,

Wow! Everyone rejoice! The bond issue passed.

Now let's think what we have to look forward to: more development in our already overdeveloped area; more congestion on our roads and access to I-77; more discussion about resetting the school lines; the constant need for more school buses; moving our children, yet again, to a different school; and increasing our taxes.

Let's look at some questions we should be asking. Where exactly does the registration fee we pay every year for our children to be enrolled in these schools go? I have asked that question to various people in the county and school district, but have never had an answer. Are adding more schools going to keep our district at a top-notch academic level, or are we just becoming a town full of schools? Are we really a community or are we just constantly dividing our area into little subsections? Are subdivisions going to be self-sufficient, each having its own school, stores, etc., so we don't have to deal with anyone outside our development?

That does not sound like type of community that Fort Mill always prided itself on. Whatever happened to the land-use plan that our county created and implemented to "control" our growth? I, personally, do not see any "control" - just more growth and strain on our infrastructure.

I find it interesting that for some reason, they have decided to amend the plan that was supposed to last until 2025. It seems like they must not have planned too well initially if it needs revising already.

Possibly the plan should be published in the Fort Mill Times for all to see, since not many of us would have the time to drive to York to view the plan.

Well, enough of this writing, I need to go and celebrate!

Christine Raszeja

Farmstead Lane

Fort Mill

Boo! Bring back Fest-i-Fun

Dear Editor,

We should impeach Danny Funderburk and bring back Charles Powers and bring back Fest-i-Fun.

My entire family and friends are upset about the article in last week's paper.

What are the kids in Fort Mill supposed to do?

An art show? Boring!

And no fireworks? My 5-year-old will be so upset. I'm upset.

Ken Lowder

Parker's Ferry

Fort Mill

Too many changes in town

Dear Editor,

I have live in Fort Mill all my life and I don't like the changes I see going on. It's bad enough that the small town I once knew and love has grown into the suburbs of Charlotte.

Now, I'm having to deal with the traffic that we now have and will be having in years to come. All the wild animals running around because there are hardly any woods left, because of all the houses being built. It saddens me to see that our new mayor is wanting to cancel Fest-i-Fun.

This is the time that all of our community comes together (Fort Mill, Tega Cay and Indian Land) to have a great time.

When you work like I do, you don't get a chance to see your friends during the year, but then Fest-i- Fun comes around and you get to see all of them over the weekend. Plus, it has been nice having it all weekend. There was a lot of times I couldn't go but on Friday night to hear the great bands that were there and to see old friends.

I guess now since there is talk about only having it as a one-day event, I won't be going this year. So I guess this is something else that will be gone from our hometown, and it saddens me to see it leave.

Kitty Moore

Featherson Road

Fort Mill

Upgrade Fest-i-Fun instead

Dear Editor,

I cannot even begin to tell you how disappointed I am in Mayor Danny Funderburk. He may be trying to build his reputation as the first mayor after Mayor Charls Powers, but he seems not to be acting for all the citizens of Fort Mill, and more for his own interests and those of his friends.

I thought town officials were trying to encourage tourism, and I have been to town council meetings where they have discussed how to spend money to do this. I have been to the town council's meetings this year and did not hear any talk during the meetings regarding Fest-i-Fun in any way, so I would like to know when the meeting took place when the mayor decided that Fest-i-Fun needed to be canceled.

Fest-i-Fun is something citizens of Fort Mill not only enjoy, but we are actually proud of. We have fun with it, people come from out of town to enjoy it.

Expand upon it and make it better. Don't eliminate it. I've never heard anyone say they wanted it canceled. I've heard things like more vendors, more games, more rides, or even an idea to make it longer.

Why is it necessary to have a "SpringFest?" Why not something for the Fourth of July? Why isn't the town trying to find something to have during a time when we don't have something already going on?

I'm glad the mayor is worried about our safety, but don't use that as an excuse to cancel Fest-i-Fun. If there aren't enough police in Fort Mill to patrol a few blocks for Fest-i-Fun, then how is there enough police to patrol all of Fort Mill at all other times?

If the town is concerned about the buildings in downtown, has anyone made sure that building violations have been fixed? I refuse to comment on the absurd idea of the fire that canceled last year's festival. If they can tell me how the fire was caused by Fest-i-Fun, I will clean Main Street after Fest-i-Fun myself.

I don't believe this idea and the town's reaction to it was well thought out. It's not too late. I'm asking the mayor to please think long and hard about what he is doing. It would be a very sad thing to hold SpringFest and only have a small crowd while the town laments the loss of Fest-i-Fun and remembers what was.

Lis Youhanic

Sumner Street

Fort Mill