Fort Mill Times

Letters to the Editor - March 19, 2008

Face the facts

Dear Editor,

I wish someone would wake up and face the facts about the recent school bonds. People approved the school bond issue, but I find this iffy.

There is much publicity about the high cost of fuel, the increasing air pollution, the fact of fat children, yet the board of education and the local and county governments seem blind.

Almost every home-building project and associated developments are approved without sidewalks. Why is this? Is it just plain stupidity? Or is it a worry for the future generation?

I expect another plea for money soon - for school bus fuel.

Philip Darling

Calvary Court

Fort Mill

We need more police

Dear Editor,

Let me be the first to congratulate the citizens of Fort Mill for passing the much needed school bond referendum. That's great news.

However, now is no time to rest on our laurels. I would like to see another bond referendum to pay for more police. It seems to me as I read the police blotter, our fair town has a disproportionate amount of crime. Car jackings on I-77, bank robberies in Tega Cay, shotgun-toting shoppers at the Lowe's supermarket.

God help you if your home has copper piping, as Nation Ford High School was relieved of its copper piping not once, not twice, alas three times, probably to nurse some shady denizen's drug habit.

I would like to see a bond referendum to increase the size of the Fort Mill Police Department and York County Sheriff's Office. Build police stations on Gold Hill Road and Carowinds Boulevard, encourage more community watch programs, hire more cops.

I expect our local government representatives to take the lead and start this dialogue.

Small-town Fort Mill has met big-city crime; Let's acknowledge this and engage this issue head on.

Chris Krafft

Richards Crossing

Fort Mill

What happened to U.S.?

Dear Editor,

I loved Jeff Shrewsbury's column about elected clowns (March 5, Fort Mill Times).

They don't make me laugh, though. I am crying because of property and life savings lost and 62 years of marriage. I am a disabled World War II veteran whose home was taken away for taxes that simply were invented by those who got power.

I simply suspect the U.S. is now in the hands of a foreign power, the way Russia found itself in 1925. Now it is the American people's duty to feed the world. What happened?

Stephen Guter

Sugar Creek Crossing

Fort Mill

Fest-i-Fun should stay

Dear Editor,

My family and I moved to Fort Mill in August. We chose Fort Mill because of the small-town feel.

Lately, though, I have been second-guessing our decision. Between the traffic, more violent crimes and break-ins and even the smaller things like not holding a community tradition of Fest-i-Fun.

I heard about Fest-i-Fun when I first moved here and was looking forward to living in a town that did fun, family-friendly events. I can only imagine how upset people who lived here all their lives must feel about these changes to their small town that they grew up in.

Events like Fest-i-Fun are what helps build a sense of community and keeps a community strong and together.

If Mayor Danny Funderbunk wants to make his mark with a new festival during a different time of the year, I think that would be great.

In the political world, changing something like Fest-i-Fun may seem so minimal, but it's these little changes that start happening and then all of a sudden you lose that sense of community.

I would like to think that my family and I made a great choice by choosing to live in Fort Mill - a community that is built on strong relationships where people really do care about one another and look out for each other.

I do hope Danny Funderbunk changes his mind and holds his festival another time.

What's the point of a festival without the rides, petting zoo and fireworks? What will the kids do?

Cindi Curtin

Doby's Bridge Road

Fort Mill

Editor's note: Fest-i-Fun is a brand name owned by the privately-run Fest-i-Fun Committee; The Town of Fort Mill did not abolish Fest-i-Fun, but created a new event, SpringFest, that will be held May 3. Fest-i-Fun was traditionally held the first Friday-Sunday in May.

Hold onto traditions

Dear Editor,

I was so disappointed to read of the demise of Fest-i-Fun this year. My kids looked forward to this weekend every year. It was a good, old-fashioned street festival and we enjoyed the whole weekend as a family.

I understand Mayor Danny Funderburk wanting to bring in fresh new ideas and I applaud that, but to make a clean break from the past (as it was stated in the article) is unwarranted.

I'm not a lifelong resident of Fort Mill, but I don't want to see the traditions and charm of small-town life disappear. That's already started happening in the eight years I've lived here.

Funderburk should embrace the past to incorporate it into his plans for Fort Mill's future, not wipe it out completely.

Let's not push into the future so quickly that we lose Fort Mill's small-town charm.

Bring back Fest-i-Fun!

Cynthia Luther

Doby Court

Fort Mill

Let's have both festivals

Dear Editor,

I read with much alarm the article in the Fort Mill Times last week announcing the cancellation of Fest-i-Fun, a Fort Mill tradition for a quarter century.

I find the seemingly heavy-handed way this was handled disturbing. There was little to no public notice or input.

Fest-i-Fun is an event that needed to be expanded, not canceled.

I find the concerns raised by the new mayor to be without much merit. Regarding the so-called safety concerns, a couple of minor altercations between individuals seem to be more of a nuisance. I am sure the Fort Mill Police Department can more than handle these types of situations.

In all the years I've attended Fest-i-Fun, I have never seen anything that would make me feel anything other than safe and welcome. The fire at Tony's Pizza last year, frankly, had nothing to do with Fest-i-Fun. If there are safety concerns about buildings on Main Street, they should be addressed separately. Residents pass through Main Street every day. How the mayor ties that to "safety concerns" and Fest-i-Fun is simply without merit and lacks logic.

Additionally, what about cutting out the for-profit vendors? It is, after all, the American way. All of the vendors, profit and nonprofit alike, make Fest-i-Fun a worthwhile event. In the new scheme the mayor and his cohorts have come up with, will the non-profits pay the same business fee to the town that the vendors in the past have paid?

Fest-i-Fun was an annual opportunity for the town to highlight Main Street and had so many enjoyable events that brought people out to meet, greet, eat and see what local folks were up to and had available for sale.

Finally, the most disturbing thing of all regarding the cancellation was how former Mayor Charles Powers and his dedicated committee was treated. It really doesn't matter if you voted for Powers or Funderburk, because Fest-i-Fun is not about them. Powers gets that; Funderburk seems not to.

For all the years of service to the people of Fort Mill and the many years of hard work that he and his folks put into Fest-i-Fun, it appears to be a very crude, rude and ham-handed slap in Powers' face, and to the people of Fort Mill.

I urge all those who enjoyed Fest-i-Fun to voice their displeasure, seek to have it returned and expanded. It has become a tradition worth keeping. There is room for both events, the long-standing Fest-i-Fun and this new "SpringFest."

James D. Thompson

Sumner Street

Fort Mill