Fort Mill Times

Little hero:

FORT MILL TOWNSHIP -- When Caleb Romero's great-grandmother Carolyn McMinn fell last Tuesday afternoon, the 4-year-old kept his composure and probably saved her life.

McMinn took an awkward step and snapped her femur, the longest and strongest bone in the human body, according to several online medical reference sites. As she lay on the floor yelling for help, Caleb came running with her phone. McMinn, a retired Fort Mill Police Department clerk now in her 70s, was able to call her son for help just as she went into shock.

"We've told him 'things can happen with Nana and if anything does you need to call 911,'" said Caleb's mom,Tiffany McMinn. "I think she called my uncle first because she was worried if the ambulance came and got her, there wouldn't be anyone at the house with Caleb."

The accident occurred Tuesday, March 18.

Doctors performed surgery on McMinn's leg last week, and she faces at least two weeks of in-patient rehabilitation. Despite the broken leg, McMinn said, her grandmother was lucky. Caleb doesn't spend every day after kindergarten class with her, but he happened to be there last Tuesday.

"Without him being there, we don't know how long, or if at all, before anyone would have got to her," Tiffany McMinn said. "I was surprised he didn't freak out. It's amazing but children can handle crazy situations better than adults sometimes."

Caleb is now the hero of the family, but he doesn't seem to care for all the attention, his mother said.

"He just wanted to know she was OK," McMinn said. "The more we ask about it the more aggravated he gets. He says, 'I'm not a hero.' "

Since the fall, McMinn said her youngest son - Caleb has a 6-year-old brother - has had some trouble sleeping, but she hopes it will go away once his Nana is back home.