Fort Mill Times

Letters to the Editor - March 26, 2008

Give the new SpringFest a chance, everyone

Dear Editor,

Impeachment! What a joke! Why would anyone want to impeach someone for working to give the citizens a safer and more enjoyable town festival (Letters, March 12, Fort Mill Times)? Besides, who wouldn't want their family to spend a warm spring day in the park surrounded by trees, green grass and sunshine as they enjoy good music, delicious food (prepared by local churches and non-profits,) and the company of friends? We voted for positive change and it is starting with SpringFest.

I am asking the nay sayers to give SpringFest a chance. I think going back to a traditional type of town festival with local food, fun and music is a good idea. Taking this concept to a wonderful place like Elisha Park makes it even better. I also think it is great that the area churches and nonprofits will have the chance to provide the food and their profits will remain here in town.

I appreciate the recommendations of Fort Mill's public safety officials to move the festival off Main Street. The Tony's fire and the fights we witnesses over the last few years were especially frightening in such a tight and confined space. It is true the move to Elisha Park will not guarantee a trouble free festival, but it will put the police, fire and emergency people in a better place to react to it. Who can find a problem with that?

As for the woman who says she can only see her friends at Fest-i-Fun, can she not also arrange a yearly meeting at SpringFest? I feel sure that restrictions on such reunions were not on the list of positive changes to the town festival.

All the reason for changing this even look like good ones to me. I think people should look at all sides of something before they rush to criticize. I suggest everyone relax and give it a chance. You just might enjoy SpringFest.

Geraldine Lavender

Banks Street

Fort Mill

A festival is a festival

Dear Editor,

Fest-i-Fun is now SpringFest, so what?

Things won't be exactly the same, but the town is still having a spring festival! Due to timing, SpringFest is all it can be this year, but good grief, give it time to mold and perfect itself.

At least now it's been given back to the town and citizens can volunteer and voice their concerns on what they'd like to add or subtract from it in the future. It's nice to know that local churches and businesses will have more of a chance to participate and make money rather than the majority going to outside vendors and such. It's refreshing to know that we will not be having the same old boring festival that never changes! It has been way past time for change around here.

If Fest-i-Fun is the only time some people have during the year to see their friends, that's only their problem. As I've said, it's been time for a change and I can't wait to see the new and fresh ideas Mayor Danny Funderburk will bring to the table.

Courtney Newell

Maple Circle

Fort Mill

SpringFest is locally focused

Dear Editor,

All the hoopla about Fest-i-Fun is a little out of hand. Mayor Danny Funderburk has not abolished Fest-i-Fun. He can't do away with Fest-i-Fun because it is not a town-sponsored event.

The group that puts on Fest-i-Fun can still have the event. The one thing about Fest-i-Fun's vendors is that they are people from out of town, so when Fest-i-Fun is over and the vendors leave, all the money spent by Fort Mill residents leaves town with them. As for the problems at Fest-i-Fun, they happen and can happen at any event. Perhaps Charles Powers and his Fest-i-Fun group will continue to have Fest-i-Fun. I would certainly go to it. I will also attend SpringFest. I think it is a great idea to present something fresh and new.

The SpringFest event proposed by Mayor Funderburk will have local vendors, so the money spent with them will stay in Fort Mill, as it should. A town-sponsored event is the way to go. Give it a chance and you might be surprised how much fun it will be.

I am a lifelong resident of Fort Mill, as is Mayor Funderburk. I have known Danny since we were kids and I can assure you that his agenda is to preserve our small town way of life and is not going to do anything detrimental to the town or its residents.

We can still have Fest-i-Fun, but give SpringFest a chance. Before long it too will become a Fort Mill tradition just like Fest-i-Fun.

Terry Cook

Yorktown Street

Fort Mill

Don't knock the 'Wal'

Dear Editor,

I was sorry to read in your editorial on March 19 that you don't like

being "walled in" by new Wal-Marts.

The reality is that if the people who live here didn't like them and didn't shop in them, Wal-Mart would not build them!

Tega Cay did an excellent job working with Wal-Mart on the design of its new store. I agree with you that there is no reason that that can't be done again.

We are looking forward to the new Lowes and Wal-Mart due to be built in the Hwy. 160 East/Hwy. 521 area. It will save us a lot of gas when we don't have to drive as far to shop.

Jim Massfeller

Hayword Lane

Fort Mill