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All hands on deck to follow Christ - part II

Dr. Matt Woodhouse is a lead pastor at Antioch International Church in Fort Mill. Visit
Dr. Matt Woodhouse is a lead pastor at Antioch International Church in Fort Mill. Visit

This short series called "All Hands on Deck" is really a call to each person in our community to look around and help others they meet, following the example of Christ.

In part I of "All Hands on Deck" we saw that above almost everything else, we were created to care for those around us. This is when, as human beings, we are at our best; giving of ourselves to others and blessing others. We looked at the life of Jesus, and saw that He epitomized this attitude of serving and caring for those around Him, in very practical ways.In part II of this series, I would like to show you another occasion from the life of Jesus which sets the example for us as we look to demonstrate care and love for others.In verse 1 of the 13th chapter of the Gospel of John, this is what we read of Jesus: "...He now showed them the full extent of His love" (NIV). Wow, what a statement this is. In other words, whatever happens immediately after this will be Jesus showing more love to those around Him than He had shown during the three years that He ministered on earth!Let's open a Bible together and read John 13:1-5 to see what Jesus did next.As you read this passage from the Bible, the thing we notice is that when Jesus showed them the full extent of His love, He did not do anything that we would class as "noteworthy ministry." He did not preach a sermon, perform a great miracle, or reveal new mysteries of God to them. Instead, He took a bowl of water and a towel, got down on His hands and knees and washed the feet of His friends!Bear in mind that Jesus was their leader, as well as the Son of God.However, in this one simple act, He reversed the order of how many people thought that things should be done by serving


and making them seem like the guests of honor. This was a violation of what they thought was the correct order - and yet Jesus was getting things into the right order, and setting a great example for us. This one act was far more powerful than buying anything. This act was far more life changing than saying something. Rather, this act showed the disciples, and shows us today, the attitude of caring for those we meet and doing what we can to help people no matter who we are or what our position is in society.The issue is not whether people thank us, like us, come to our church, or even speak well of us. The issue is that we show the full extent of Christ's love to those we meet. This is the kind of love that does something expecting nothing in return. This is the kind of love that transforms homes, cities, regions, and nations.As more people respond to the call of "All Hands on Deck" just imagine what can happen. This already wonderful Fort Mill community that we all are honored to call home, will become an even more special place to live.