Fort Mill Times

Vandals, beavers plague Fort Mill school sites

Security cameras and lights have been installed at the Pleasant Knoll Elementary School construction site on Pleasant Road in the wake of theft and vandalism totaling probably more than $50,000.

Vandals hot-wired a large piece of equipment over the Memorial Day weekend and ran it into one of the new school's brick walls, over foundation and over subgrade masonry, according to Jim Britton of Southern Management Group, the school district's construction management firm.

"It had to be torn down because it broke the bond in the masonry," Britton said.

The vandals did extensive damage to the equipment itself, he added, and they also painted graffiti at the site.

The following weekend, thieves stole equipment and tools from the site. The value of items taken is still being tallied, Britton said.

At the district's other elementary school construction site, Sugar Creek Elementary near Nation Ford High, four beavers building dams in the pond caused flooding and had to be moved "to an undisclosed location," Britton said.