Fort Mill Times

Letters to the Editor - July 2, 2008

Does Fort Mill have enough water?

Dear Editor,

While I would love to see Fort Mill continue to grow with the proposed annexation and real estate development projects outlined in the article, "Building Boom Continues in Fort Mill Township" (June 25, Fort Mill Times), I have one question: If we are currently on tight water restrictions, what's it going to be like in a few years when the new commercial businesses and private residents of the proposed developments begin to tap the same water supply?

Are we each going to be rationed a canteen's worth of water?

Unless and until either the developers or the Fort Mill Town Council can solve the current water supply problem, shouldn't any vote for additional developments be postponed?

Dave Fox

Somerton Drive

Fort Mill

Thanks to all for donating art supplies

Dear Editor,

On behalf of young artists throughout the region, I would like to thank the multitude of individuals and organizations who have donated "recycled art" camp supplies.

Those who have helped make the camps and neighborhood outreach programs possible for our youth are too numerous to name. We have received donations from generous folks in Fort Mill, Tega Cay, Indian Land, Rock Hill and elsewhere. The outpouring of support has been tremendous and the young artists attending the camps are learning the value of communities helping each other in addition to the usual lessons of recycling.

Camps in Indian Land, Fort Mill, and Lancaster have already taken place and the students have created incredible works of art from materials that would have otherwise gone unused. Upcoming summer camps as well as the areas already served and the donations received will benefit the students throughout the summer.

Year-round neighborhood camps in Lancaster will be enriched through the generosity and kindness of the people in our region. Many thanks to all of them for their help in making these valuable experiences available to our youngest citizens. Everyone is invited to view some of the works of art by the campers from 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, July 11, at Bob Doster's Gallery, 217 East Gay Street, Lancaster.

Cherry Doster

Bob Doster's Backstreet Studio

Policemen did their jobs at graduation

Dear Editor,

It isn't often that I hear things that prompt me to write a letter to the editor of any newspaper, but the information that has been circulating throughout the news media relating to the Fort Mill High graduation ceremony held at Winthrop University in Rock Hill needs some clarification.

Our Fort Mill Police Department had nothing to do with the arrests of the individuals who created a disturbance at this event. It was the graduation exercise for our Fort Mill High School graduates but it was the Rock Hill police officers who made the arrests. This story hit the national news media and really made our local police department look like the villains instead of the folks who created the problem!

I have lived in Fort Mill since 1980 and have always had the highest regard for our Fort Mill police officers and the job they do! My son is a member of this outstanding police force.

I also respect the Rock Hill Police Department and, although I was not present at the graduation, I feel sure they did the job they were supposed to do.

Family members and friends of the graduates need to respect the process and know that this is a solemn occasion for these graduates to walk across the stage and receive their diplomas. Each one is entitled to have his name heard; this is called respect for our children and their successes. When all have received their honors, then the celebration can begin.

We teach our young people to respect and honor but what does it teach them when adults do not follow the guidelines established for events like this? There is a time of celebration and that is following the presentation of diplomas - not during!

Carol Dixon

Crescent Ridge

Fort Mill