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The Great Exchange - Part II

Dr. Matt Woodhouse is a lead pastor at Antioch International Church. Visit
Dr. Matt Woodhouse is a lead pastor at Antioch International Church. Visit

In "The Great Exchange - Part I," I briefly wrote about some of the "attitude-clothes" God has on offer for us to wear. Three of the items that will cause life to become more and more wonderful are the garments of Gladness, Humility, and the garment of Praise to God.

Many people today walk through life wearing, not-so-positive, attitude-clothes that really do not do us any good. These include things such as prejudice, hopelessness, and self-pity. Others walk through life covered with guilt, fear, shame, resentment, and unforgiveness.

The challenge that we face is how to change from the old wardrobe (the negative-attitude clothes) to the new wardrobe (God's positive-attitude clothes). Let's look at the life of a man named Joseph in the Bible.

If you would like to study this further, I would encourage you to read Genesis, chapters 39-41.

Joseph had been sold as a slave, by his brothers, and yet after a few years of difficult circumstances he became the second most influential man in Egypt. Joseph made three choices that took him from a place of rejection and hopeless-ness to a place of blessing and favor from God:

1. Joseph chose to give his very best to whomever God led him.

At one point in his life, Joseph worked for a man called Potiphar, who was of a different nationality and a commander of the Egyptian army. Joseph decided to give this man the best that he could. He chose not to wear the garment of prejudice, but rather he clothed himself with the garment of servanthood.

2. Joseph chose to make the best of every situation.

Even when he spent time in jail, he did not moan or grumble, and he did not despise the jailer or prisoners. He was confident in God's hands. Instead of wearing garments of hopelessness, he took on his respons-ibility with integrity.

3. Joseph chose to love others despite his own struggles

Joseph had been imprisoned unjustly. Despite this, Joseph was still focused on the needs of others. He chose not to wear the garments of self-pity, but clothed himself with compassion.

I would encourage all of us to think, speak, and act as God would have us do. Put on the garments of servanthood, integrity, and compassion. It will bless you and you will be a blessing to others.