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Brain Flurries - August 13, 2008

Karen Tomas is a resident of Fort Mill. E-mail her at
Karen Tomas is a resident of Fort Mill. E-mail her at

Normally, I wouldn't write about my sister, but she said I could. She gave me

her permission to disclose her most recent alarming discovery.

It was something she believed all of her life. And now, as she found out, it's simply not true.

And it doesn't involve Santa.

She has finally come to the realization that she (drum roll, please) is not invincible!!

This discovery snuck up on her. It happened suddenly.

One morning, after her regular Monday golf game, she pulled her Chevy Tracker into the garage and turned off the engine. Then she let out a sigh (she's good at sighing) and whispered to no one but herself, "Whew! I don't have enough energy to get out of this car."

And that surprised her immensely.

I still haven't figured out why. It was bound to happen. Golfing on Monday mornings was one thing, but golfing day in and day out? Well, it finally wore her out. She exhausted herself to the point where she couldn't take it any longer.

She simply ran out of gas.

The only smidgen of energy she had left was used to toss her keys on the dash, kick back her seat and plop up her stocking feet. Then, she closed her eyes and fell fast asleep, right there in the front seat of her Chevy.

When she told this to a few of her golfer girls, their first question was, "Did you turn the engine off?"

I know, it's not too bright of a question. But when it's golf season, these girls seem to lose their heads about everything else.

My sister says I live in a dream world. She thinks I'm out of touch with reality. I admit, that might have some truth to it.

But at least in my dream world, I can stay awake.