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Frattaroli to head up Sugar Creek school

Scott Frattaroli
Scott Frattaroli

Although some parents of future Sugar Creek Elementary students are upset over potential attendance lines, they are pleased by the school board's choice of a leader for the new school.

The Fort Mill School Board last week said Scott Frattaroli will be the principal at Sugar Creek, which is scheduled to open next year.

"They made a lot of us feel better about it when they named him principal," Joseph McGowan said. He was one of approximately 100 parents who packed an Oct. 6 school board meeting to speak out against one of the options for redrawing the district's attendance lines. Frattaroli's new position was announced at the meeting.

Frattaroli, now the principal at Springfield Elementary, said he is excited about the new opportunity.

"I'm fortunate because I'll be working with a parent and student base that I'm already familiar with at Springfield," Frattaroli said. "It's great because I won't have to start from the ground up."

Frattaroli began teaching second grade in the district 11 years ago, when Riverview Elementary School was known as the Fort Mill Primary School. Four years later, he became assistant principal at Riverview under Principal Annette Chinchilla and served for five years before being named principal at Springfield three years ago.

He's been helping lay the groundwork to set up PTAs at both Sugar Creek and another new elementary school in the works - Pleasant Knoll, which also scheduled to open in 2009.

"It involves a great deal of coordination bringing together faculty from across the district," he said.

With one school to run and another to set up, Frattaroli expects his schedule to fill up fast beginning in January. School district officials hope to announce Frattaroli's replacement at Springfield and a principal for Pleasant Knoll in November. Following those announcements, faculty members across the district will begin receiving forms asking if they are interested in moving to one of the new schools.

"By January, we should know where the faculty will go," Frattaroli said. "Once the attendance lines are set and the faculty starts announcing their interest, I can really get into my planning phase for Sugar Creek."