Fort Mill Times

Letters to the Editor - October 15, 2008

Obama book misleading

Dear Editor,

In response to the letter written to the Fort Mill Times in which the writer suggested to read Corsi's "Obama's Nation" (Sept. 17, "Dislikes cartoon") I am guessing he did not read the book, since that is not even the correct title. The correct title is "The Obama Nation" and is a pun of the word "abomination."

The reader probably relied on some forwarded e-mail (which we all know are such reliable sources of information) sent to him which distorts the truth even further. According to, an independent, nonpartisan source straightening out claims from both sides, "The Obama Nation" is a "mishmash of unsupported conjecture, half-truths, logical fallacies and outright falsehoods." Corsi cites opinion columns and unsourced, anonymous blogs as if they were evidence of factual claims. Where he does cite legitimate news sources, he frequently distorts the facts. In some cases, Corsi simply ignores readily accessible information when it conflicts with his arguments."

It is disheartening to know that if Barack Obama were a white guy named John Smith and had the exact same stances and plans on the issues as John McCain, a book like "The Obama Nation" would never even have been written.

Brian Firmstone

Cody Court

Fort Mill

Editorial patronizing

Dear Editor,

I read your editorial on Mayor Danny Funderburk and I was a little disappointed. It's not about calling the mayor a racist, because I don't know the man. But to bring up African-Americans such as Rev. Baxter or the African-American woman who sent an e-mail in support of the mayor to defend his actions is, I must say, rather patronizing.

I'm sure he has done some good things, but that's no excuse for his actions. I wonder if you were to go to Paradise now and ask the people there if they found what he said was OK. It's like when somebody (particularly, someone who isn't black) says something demeaning and racially insensitive about an African-American or a group of African-Americans and in their defense they will say "some of my best friends are black" or someone will offer an African-American to jump up and say "well he/she is such a good person." To me, your defense offered to deflect the racism charges against him smacks of that.

Call me cynical, but Jesse Helms had African-Americans working for him. In fact, when in his Senate runs in the 1980s, his press secretary was African-American, but that didn't excuse his bigotry or his utter contempt (which bordered on hatred) of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and didn't excuse the fact that Helms never met a civil rights bill or legislation that he liked. Ronald Reagan had an African-American - Samuel Pierce - in his cabinet, but that didn't excuse him from depicting black women as "welfare queens" and "quota queens" and offering some awfully racially insensitive rhetoric and policies that had an devastating effect on the African-American community. Now, I'm I calling Funderburk a racist? No, and I am not trying to compare him to Jesse Helms, who unlike Strom Thurmond, never offered repentance for his bigotry and rank racism. But to bring up what this or that African-American said to excuse the actions of the mayor does not pass the smell test.

In saying that, I do applaud you for calling out the actions of the mayor for what they were, which was ridiculous. It would be one thing for some right-wing, racist, fear-mongering fool. For a mayor, the main representative of the town, to do this is completely unacceptable, and for him to offer the excuse of being "curious" is outrageous. His ignorance of the Bible and of Sen. Obama is stunning because the Book of Revelation does not describe the Antichrist in the way that the e-mail he forwarded described the Antichrist, nor is Obama a Muslim.

The bottom line is, Mayor Funderburk should offer a public apology - starting with something in the Fort Mill Times. And this is not some outsider saying this. This is the opinion of someone who grew up and still lives in Fort Mill.

Michael Wilson

Steele Circle

Fort Mill

Lions say 'thank you'

Dear Editor,

The Tega Cay Lions Club would like to thank everyone who donated school supplies to make our second annual "Pack the Backpacks" campaign such a success. The Fort Mill Care Center was the recipient of more than 11,000 sheets of paper, plus spiral binders, three-ring binders, 700 pencils, pens, glue sticks, crayons and other items necessary for a successful year of studying. The center distributes backpacks and supplies to students who cannot afford to purchase all the items needed each year. We also appreciate the support of the Fort Mill Times with articles encouraging citizens to participate again this year.

Lion Sue Gulasky

Tega Cay Lions Club

Molokai Drive, Tega Cay