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Words of Faith - October 29, 2008

Dr. Matt Woodhouse is a Lead Pastor at Antioch International Church in Fort Mill. Visit
Dr. Matt Woodhouse is a Lead Pastor at Antioch International Church in Fort Mill. Visit

Did you know that faith in God really can make a difference for you and those you love? In fact, faith in God can make a difference today, and it can make a difference even now as you read this. Perhaps you have a need in your life. If this is true, then this lesson will help you to allow God to come in and meet that need.

I would like to show you four simple keys from the life of Abraham and Sarah that will help us to live by faith. The background to this story is that Abraham and Sarah could not have their own kids, and yet God had promised them that they would have many, many descendants.

In Hebrews Chapter 11, we read, "By faith, barren Sarah was able to become pregnant, old woman that she was at the time, because she believed the One who had made a promise would do what He said."

Key 1, Sarah received a promise from God: Now, we must remember that God's promise may well be different from your personal wish list. Learning to receive a promise from God is a vitally important key, because God will never break His promise to you. Why not take time to listen to God and see what He will promise you today?

Key 2, Sarah knew God, the promise giver: Abraham and Sarah were no strangers to God. They knew Him, and they knew him to be faithful and not a promise breaker. How well do you know God? If you will take time, He will become your promise giver, and once God gives you a promise you can take it to the bank.

Key 3, Sarah ignored the circumstances: One of the biggest issues that stops us from having faith is that our circumstances tell us some things are impossible. This was true for Abraham and Sarah. They were really too old to have children, and yet they had a promise from God. They did not let their situation dictate their future. Perhaps it is time for you to start believing what God has promised you rather than believing that you just have to take all that life deals you.

Key 4, Sarah received the fulfillment of God's promise: After everything that Abraham and Sarah lived through, finally they received their promise, and Sarah conceived and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Whatever it is you need God to do for you, He is big enough to get it done.

If we can apply these keys to our everyday life, we naturally become people who will see faith have a great effect in every aspect of our lives. Let faith in God make a difference in your life.