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Indian Land residents petition water company

If past decisions are any indication of future behavior, Indian Land residents face an uphill battle trying to get an Indian Land school logo onto the water tower in front of the schools on Doby's Bridge Road.

The Lancaster County Water and Sewer District commission has been approached several times in the past about putting a logo or picture on water towers in Lancaster County, said director Mark Knight.

Each time, the commission turned the proposals down.

"We use nothing but our logo because you open it up to everything when you allow one thing," Knight said.

"That's the concern of the commission - not to have things on the tank it appears we're promoting. Or, that others may not receive [a message] as being something the water and sewer district should promote."

Steven White, assistant manager of the Lancaster County Water and Sewer District, gives the example of one community in Lancaster County that requested a message on their water tower that declared the community "the best in the county." That kind of message isn't fair to other county residents, he said.

Indian Land residents were encouraged to sign a petition last week that asks the water commission to allow the water tower in front of Indian Land Elementary and Middle schools to be painted with a logo reflecting either the schools or the community.

More than 1,500 people signed the petition, according to organizer David Freeman.

He said he hopes to make the commission an offer it can't refuse. He, along with other area business people, are offering to raise money to have the tower painted.

The cost will be between $5,000 and $10,000 for the initial painting, and approximately $5,000 every 10 years for maintenance.

He doesn't want visitors to Indian Land's schools to see a water tower emblazoned with the Lancaster County Water and Sewer District logo, "Quality on Tap."

"We ought to have pride in our schools. So when you come in it says 'Warriors,' or 'Indian Land,' or whatever is their choosing," Freeman said. "We don't want to see some dadgum 'Quality on Tap.' "

Knight received the petitions on Wednesday of last week and said he planned to pass them along to the commission members.

The next commission meeting will be held in January, Knight said. Members are likely make a decision about the Indian Land water tower at the meeting.

"We'll continue to fight and petition," Freeman said.

"The worst thing that can happen is they do nothing. Well, that's what they are doing now. We'll keep trying. It's nice to have something to rally around, something everyone in the community is excited about."