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This Side Up - November 26, 2008

Share some news with This Side Up! Reach Pat at
Share some news with This Side Up! Reach Pat at

I love working with children and one of the best places to do that is at the Fun Loving Youth en route to Success after school program run by the Leroy Springs Recreation Complex at Fort Mill Elementary School. Leah Dunnam of Leroy Springs and Co., the director of after school programs who also serves as enrichment director, is in charge of the FLYERS program.

We have been getting in the Thanksgiving mode all month, making turkey paintings out of their hands and other crafts pertaining to Thanksgiving. But for the last few days or so, our attention has been on the aroma coming out of the cafeteria at school. Tessea Cloud and her staff are cooking turkey and all the trimmings. They will be serving approximately 675 plates for students, teachers and staff.

They are the best in what they do. These ladies do not need to call the Butterball hotline for recipes or help. If anything, Butterball should call them!

The children love the excitement and activities and they were all ready to sit down and tell me what they all were thankful for: Samantha, Henry, Gaines, Cameron, Megan, Ethan, Quinn, Sydney, Jacob, Asad, Jordon, Josh, Alivia, Lizzie, Geofrey, Kayla, Colton, Zeb, Mackinley, Sam, Mari, Nicholas, Bryson and Wyatt all said they were thankful for their family and friends. Noah is thankful for the military protecting us in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Maya for her cousin who is ill, but staying strong and trying to get better.

The answers from all of these children were priceless. They all wanted their parents to know how they felt about their family and friends and how important they are to them.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my readers!