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Fort Mill kids write their letters to Santa

Santa has his list and he's checking it twice
Santa has his list and he's checking it twice

Christmas is here, Santa has his list and he's checking it twice. Here are the letters local children wrote to the jolly old man at the North Pole:

Dear Santa,

I want a remote control car. I want a fake T-Rex. I want a guitar. I want a kind of big TV in my room.

I want to sit on your lap.

Thank you,

Gerald McCrorie

Dear Santa,

I hope you are doing fine at the North Pole. I want a hamster and a piano. That's all I want.


Summer Perkins

To the North Pole

Dear Santa,

When is your Birthday? How old are you? How many Elv's do you have? Have fun reading this letter.

from: Aaron Bennett (Age 7 - Fort Mill)

Dear Santa,

I want a nintendo ds, lego batman and indiana jones and star wars. I love you Santa and have a nice day.


Drake Schill

Age 5

Dear Santa,

I want candy and presents. Come over to my house, I love you,


Jake Schill

Age 2

Dear Santa:

How's your reindeer? Is Rudolph being good? I hope he is getting good reports so he can get toys too!

For Christmas, I would like to have a scooter with one wheel in the front and one wheel at the back, a Camp Rock video game with guitar, and a Star Wars toy.

Thank you for my toys!


Jackson Howard

Dear Santa,

Have you ever wanted an IPod touch? If you said yes, well then, we have something in common.

So I'm going to tell you why I should get an IPod touch. I think I should get one because I've been good in school and at home.

I've been making good grades in school. I've also spoken with Obama and he thinks I should get one too. Anyway, Christmas is not going to last long.

Besides, I've done a lot of stuff for you. I've gave you cookies and milk whenI should've gave you salad! I've fed your reindeer.

So can you pretty please, bring me an IPod touch, Please!

Your #1 Friend,

Angel T.

age 10

Dear Santa,

Have you and the elves been working really hard in your workshop? I have been working really hard this year in school and at home. I've been making good grades and I've been trying to keep my room clean.

This year I would like the American Girl doll, Mia and some new clothes for my dolls. I would like a pink digital camera, a Disney Channel Scene It game, a pink bean bag chair, and a cupcake maker. I would also like to get some new games like Wee Cheer and Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader? DS game, and maybe some new clothes.

Please don't forget my little brother Jacob. He tries to be good, even though he makes me mad sometimes.

When you get to my house, be on the lookout for some yummy cookies and milk that will be waiting for you!'



age 8

Dear Santa,

I am a really good boy at home and my teacher says I'm a good listener at school . I'm trying to be a good boy.

I would like for you to bring me some new toys this year. I want a new big boy bike and a helmet so I can play outside. I want some new Thomas trains and some big trucks to play with my friends. I want a Diego train with lots of animals in the freight cars.

Thank you Santa. I will have some milk and cookies waiting at my house for you. Give Rudolph a big kiss on his nose from me!



age 4

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? Well, I am doing fine back at Fort Mill, South Carolina. Thank you for all of the gifts you sent me last year. I sure had lots of fun with them! Well, this year I don't want as much for Christmas! What I do want is a Playstation II, a rack of sports sweatshirts(any sport and any team), and LOTS of surprises! Some other things I will provide are food for the reindeer and even COOKIES for YOU!!! I hope that's exciting!

Well I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Your friendly kid,


Dear Santa,

I have been a very good boy this year. What I want for Christmas is a Play Station II. I want some games along with

it such as Battle For BIkini Bottom and Lego Batman the Videogame. I want Guiness Book Of World Records 2009. I would also like some Hulk Smash Hands, and bring me lots of surprises. I will give your reindeer their food and I will give you some cookies.

Happy trails,


Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas is a two- wheeled scooter, a Nintendo d.s., and a Julie American Girl Doll.

I will leave out milk and some wonderful cookies. Have a very merry Christmas!


Julia Loy

Dear Santa,

How do you come inmy house,because I lve glass on my chimnny? My bruther has been very good is name is Ryanm he is 5 yers old. I'm 7 yers I'm going to be 8 on Des. 15. I want the new Ravin Robit video game.


Brandon Folz

The following letters were written by students in Jessy Belue's first-grade class Riverview Elementary School:

Dear Santa,

How little are your elves? I want a ear soft gun. How cold is it at the North Pole? I have a joke. What does a elf learn first in school? The elfubets! You are very nice.



Dear Santa,

What are the elves doing? Are the reindeer behaving? I'm starting to be good. I am going to do every chore on my chore chart. I will leave some food for the reindeer and you. I want Bratz magic hair color and a stuffed animal bear.



Dear Santa,

Are you very good? Do you want a day off? I want a webkinz, chalk and Junie B. Jones books. I have been good. I clean my room. At Winterfest I will give you my list.

Love, Madison

Dear Santa,

I want a Lego Batman for my PSP and Lego Indiana Jones too. I am going to leave cookies for you. How many elves do you have? I have been good. I help my sister. Love, Michael

Dear Santa,

How do you go to different houses? Do you have a sister? I want a piano that is Hannah Montana. I also want Spike the dinosaur and I want a crab. I hope you have a good day and a special weekend.

Love, Serena

How cold is it? What I want is a spy gear and a DS. What are the elves doing? My name is Ariana. I hope you give me a lot of stuff. Have a great Christmas.



Dear Santa,

How are you? It is very cold in Fort Mill. Santa, this is what I want for Christmas: I want a PSP and new bike. I want a scooter and a DS and a four wheeler and also money and a freaky body illusion and a real puppy. Good luck Santa.



Dear Santa,

How are your elves? How do you get down the chimney? I want Pokemon action figures and Dylan's old Sonic game and a new Sonic Hero game. Do you have kids? Here is a joke: How did the cookie cross the road? Because it rolled away. I am good.



Dear Santa,

How is Rudolph today? What do the reindeer eat? I like you! Do you love Christmas? How cold is it on the North Pole? I will leave you some cookies. How is Comet? How are your elves? I want a play kitchen and a webkinz and a baby doll. Thank you for the presents.



Dear Santa,

I am six. How many reindeer do you have? I am very good. I want to have: a new Simon and a toy pup. I made a house for Lucy my toy doll. Please bring my family presents. Erik is five. Casey is one.



Dear Santa,

What I want for Christmas is Jam Jam Barbie and the Bratz rock toy that puts you on TV and the baking toy too. Do you really exist? I got brown highlights. I have been good. I never hurt kids and I'm always listening to my mom and I take care of my sister. Love,


Dear Santa,

How are you? What do you do for fun? Who is the best reindeer? What are your elves names? For Christmas I want video games and toys. I am good at school.



Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas. What are doing? I want peace for Christmas. I want the animals on the endangered species list to be saved. Have a good Christmas.


Ryan F.

The following letters were written by Estelle Prinsloo's second-grade class at Orchard Park Elementary School:

Dear Santa,

I like how your beard is so bushy! I love how your coat has red and white, you look good in it. I like how your nose is so red and how your elves wrap our toys. I like how your elves make our toys look like the exact same ones in the stores.

My favorite part of Christmas is reaching in the stocking and seeing what I got.

I love my Nerf Longshot from you; I have been taking care of it for a long time. I play with it all the time

I ate all my candy in one whole day (and I ate my sister's)

How do your reindeer fly? How do you get through the chimney if there isn't one? How come you don't you make a noise while you put the presents under the tree?

I want for the world is that poor people have money. I want my dad to work less but still get paid.

I wish your reindeer live longer.

Your Friend


Dear Santa,

You have an awesome beard. I love those toys you gave me like that robot.

Your red and white suit seems so cozy and you look great! I like the way you arrange your reindeer from smallest to biggest. I bet all those cookies are good. I like how you are ready for Christmas. I like your cherry red nose and all the presents that you gave me. If you want to bring some cookies for Mrs. Claus you can.

Thank you for my robot, the door broke but I fixed it. It is so special, I always wanted that robot that you gave me, it is so awesome! And the candy was so gooood! I liked the robot the most because I can freak my dog out. I can make the robot spin around and transform to a car.

I wish there was more rain, more trees and water. And good health and shelter for the world. We need to stop fighting and littering out world.

My family needs caring and health. We need to get together and care and be peaceful. I wish our family could work less. I wish my dad could feel better from his back surgery.

Can you get me some Star Wars Lego? Santa I wish you don't get sick and have good weather. I wish you don't trip when you're carrying those presents!

Merry Christmas.


Your friend


Dear Santa,

I love your red and white suit and your red and white hat. The reindeer are awesome too, how do you make them fly? Where did you find Rudolph?

Thank you for the Wii and the Wii games like Wii sports and play. I loved the toothbrush and toothpaste too. What are you going to bring me this year?

Give food to the world, oxygen to breath. Give health to the world. Keep families safe and make sure it is wonderful where they are living.

My wish for Santa is to keep the reindeer healthy, and for good weather.



Dear Santa,

I love your furry beard. I had very, very, very much fun with the toys you gave me last year. I think your cherry nose is so cheery. Everyone is happy that you come in December because there is not much to do in the miserable weather. I adore the red suit that you have. It is great that your reindeer can fly.

How do you go everywhere? I will take good care of my new toys. The American Girl Doll you got me last year is on my bed. I loved the clothes that came with it. I got to take her to the movies. I play Wii with her, I do her hair and I love to make clothes for her.

Our world needs health so we can stay alive. We all need fresh water so we will not get sick. We need money so no one is poor. We want the soldiers to come home. We all need good shelters so we do not get cold.

I wish that my dad did not have to travel and I need a kinder brother.

Most of all I want books. I love to read everyday, in and out front and back. I love series of books and all different kinds.

I wish for you to come safely on your trip. Mrs. Claus I love your cookies.

Hope the weather is great



Dear Santa,

I am so amazed how your elves make all those toys! Are you cold when you fly to give toys to us?

Please do not get stuck when you are going down a chimney, or I will be very, very sad. How is Mrs. Claus doing? Do you bring her some cookies back?

I love your dear reindeer. How do they get so fast? Do you being a drink for them? I like your suit; it is so white and red.

I love the car you gave me last year but is stops going some times. I loved the Santa candy too, I ate it all up and I wanted MORE!

I want a Hogs Airplane, my brother was flying it and he let it down and it broke and then it didn't work at all.

Santa please do not get hurt when you are giving big big very big toys!

Your friend


Dear Santa,

I'm satisfied with your beard and how it curls. Your boots are polished very nicely. I absolutely love your jolly cheeks.

Your hat and suit are cool because they are all velvety.

I really absolutely love your furry red coat. Aren't you cold on Christmas Eve night? What do you do when you're done delivering toys?

I love the diary you gave me two years ago. I took great care of it, until I lost the keys. I didn't want my sister Hannah to look in it so I threw it away. Thank you for the Hershey's kisses very year. My mom doesn't let me eat them till after lunch. Thank you for the dress and leggings. Right now they don't fit me so my sister owns them. Thank you for.. Charades, Perfection and Operation, I still have all 3. I have every piece. Did you get me Clue Jr.? Or did one of my family members get it for me?

Please give us all the rain so we can get out of this awful drought. And could you give us tons more trees?

Could you make all the poor people not so poor?

Give us all the health and care you can get? Can you give us safety? My family cares for me really well.

I hope Obama makes this country a better place!

I wish dad didn't have to travel all the time. Can you make him come home earlier? I don't see him a lot.

Can I please have an Elf on a Shelf for Christmas? I really want one they sound so cool! Can you get me a Webkinz Siamese cat also? If someone gets ten Webkinz for a welcome present you get an art bed on the website.

I hope you have a safe ride on Christmas Eve. I also hope you don't get too cold or too stuffed from all those cookies.

I hope you suit keeps you warm



Dear Santa

I adore your beard and how it is so white. Are you worn out? I read in a book that you wanted to take a break. ( The Christmas With No Santa) Did you invent the Elves on the Shelves? Because I love Buddy!! I am crazy about Mrs. Claus she makes the best cookies. Can you put some little present under the tree up in my room? Thank you! I took good care of the toys you gave me last year. I ate all of my candy Canes they were so awesome. Were they mint? I enjoy the Easy Bake Oven it is so much fun. I got an Elf on a Shelf for my class his name is Buddy too.

Anyway can the world be healthy? Can we have trees to have good air to breath. Please let people recycle and make them healthy. Help people who are sick in hospital. Help Blaine and Clayton to be kinder.

The only thing I want for Christmas is a computer.

I hope your reindeer get extra treats, and I wish you a Merry Christmas!

With lots of love


Dear Santa,

I like you snow white beard and your Christmas read coat. How do you keep your snowy white beard? Thank you for giving me a Viking Dragon set. It was about six inches TALL! I made it look like it was supposed to be. I liked the candy canes and that Bat mobile from when I was two, and the Spiderman from when I was four.

We need tress for oxygen and fruit and we need fresh water. For bad water we need safety signs saying (Do not drink!)

Please may I have a mini Havoc from AirHogs (I've been begging for it since I was two!)

You friend


Dear Santa,

I LOVE your wonderful reindeer and how you ride so fast. Your big Santa suit is so furry. Thank you for eating my cookies. Your beard is so handsome and white. Thank you for the fabulous toys you gave me last year. They were so pretty and so much fun to play with. My favorite present was the American Girl Doll and the clothes that match. How did you get down the chimney with out getting stuck or getting dirty?

The world needs oxygen and money for the poor.

My family needs less time at work. My brother needs to be nicer. Right Santa? He is always mean to me. And I don't like that.

Well I would like a Brat doll and house for Christmas, and a littlest pet shop and the fake dog the acts like a real dog and make it come along with the bone. Santa this year is the best year of all and I don't want to ruin it. I have been good the whole year and I just want to know by the presents that I have been good.

Ride carefully,

Molly R.

Dear Santa,

Thank you for my toys, I took good care of them. The toy I am talking about is the Baby Alive and you put candy in my stocking and you gave me clothes to wear and some shoes to wear on my feet.

Our world needs money for the poor, and the world needs trees because people cut down animals homes.

My family needs to give me respect.

Santa, I wish you a Merry Christmas.



Dear Mr. C,

I love the way your beard is so curly and your cherry nose is so bright. Sometimes I wish that I had the same kind of clothing that you have! I love how your cheeks are so rosy. I think you are as fast as lighting! I adore all of the gifts you gave me for Christmas and the lovely hat you wear is fascinating. What kind of cookies do you like, because I want you to like the kind I'm cooking? Thank you for the C.D. you gave me and the candy. I love the Hershey kisses! I love the toys you gave me last Christmas and I still play with them! I have lots of fun, too! I hope one day you can have a vacation. You probably feel exhausted! How do know where you are when it so dark? What do you eat that is nutritious? Do you have any pets? Who is your most favorite reindeer? What do they eat?

What our world wants to have for Christmas is; food, oxygen, safety and health. Last month gas prices were going up. People got very stressed. My aunt has been sick for quite a while and has been in the hospital. She might be out soon.

Have you ever had a family? I wish that you get home safely.

I also wish that the weather is okay, and that the trip is good too.

Merry Christmas!

Sincerely,AveryDear Santa, I admire the way your beard is so curly and the way your mustash is so white. The toys you gave me last year were so fun to play with and the gift wrapping was fascinating. I absolutely love your reindeer. Rudolph is my favorite because he is so cute and his nose almost matches yours. You have a lot of things in common with the elves. Like, you both are fast and you both love Christmas, unlike the Grinch who stole Christmas.

Thank you for my moon chair that you gave me. I had it from Christmas day until July. My mom took it away because she thought they were ratty and old but, they were only 8 months and 28 days. My mom tried to take my moon chair away twice. And then she took it away while we were sleeping. I don't know where she took them but, I loved that moon chair. Thank you so much for it. Santa, it would be excellent if you could give the world more health because a lot of people are sick and don't have enough money for medicine. More people and recycling and not littering would be great. For the soldiers in Iraq it would be wonderful if they had peace and they would stop fighting.

For my family it would be terrific if they had more health care like, uncle Eugene and aunt Margaret are in the hospital and they need more health care.

For Christmas this year I would like to get the DS game " Personal Training", cooking and some canvas paint brushes and rulers.

I wish you have a great trip all around the world and Rudolph can light up your holidays.

When you get to my house you'll see a treat for your reindeer and something new for you. I hope when on your trip, there is great weather and the elves did a good job on the toys.

Sincerely,Clara E. Holloman

Dear Santa,

Your hat is so beautiful with the cotton ball on top. Thank you for that truck last year. I have taken really good care of it and I still have it. I might give it to Goodwill next year and thank you for the Cars map last year but I gave it to Goodwill because I am a 7 year old not a 6 year old and 7 year olds play with Lego's and hot wheel cars.

Can you give money to the poor so they can eat healthily? I wish your reindeer would go super fast. But most of all I wish we had more peace. Please can you give Mrs. Claus some presents too?



Dear Santa,

I love the toys you gave me. You are welcome for the cookies and milk. You have a beautiful red and white suit. Are you cold? I guess so. Happy Christmas, Santa. I think that you are a very good Santa and Mrs. Santa too. Are the elves all working hard? Are you feeling good and ready for your big night?

Thank you for my flute; and thank you for candy, and for the toys that you got me last year. There are not that many trees left in the woods.

My sister is sick and my mom is getting her medicine. Me and my sister are getting money for the poor people.

Santa, are you getting a present for me? Do the reindeer eat carrots and apples too? Santa, may I have a present for my mom and my dad?

Mrs. Claus, your cookies are good!

Love, Madison

Dear Santa,

I like the way you take up for yourself. You have the best ideas; I couldn't even think of them. You never give up even if it is hard or you couldn't even imagine it. Your suit is so soft. The things that you do make me smile or say YES! I love the way you cheer people or elves. I'm amazed how your reindeer go so fast. You are the best Santa ever.

I'm glad you brought me a keyboard. I really like it and its cool when it changes noise it's really cool. Thank you for the guitar and the little amplifier too. My brother likes it. Thank you for the out of control car. We laughed when people did it. Thank you for the professional basketball. I can't play with it because my dad won't put it up I think.

Our world needs more stuff like food for African people and some rain in the desert for animals. And please, please keep the army safe so they can win and we can have peace. Our families need caring so nobody gets hurt. Some people are poor so please give them a present like money. All I want for Christmas is a little Yoda robot and whatever I tell him to do he does it. I want some Magic Tree House books and some Star Wars light sabers, the Elf on the Shelf , a mini basketball hoop and basket ball. I want WWE wrestling match but please make it with John Cena.

I wish you have a safe trip. I wish it will be good weather. I wish Mrs. Claus won't get sick. I wish your elves will stay healthy. Thank you Santa, for reading this story.