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This Side Up - April 8, 2009

Want to share some news with This Side Up? Pat Eudy can be reached by sending an e-mail to
Want to share some news with This Side Up? Pat Eudy can be reached by sending an e-mail to

There are more points floating around Fort Mill Elementary School than the NCAA Basketball Tournament. There is an after school weight loss program going on with 12 to 14 members comprised of teachers, volunteers and PTO members.

They started this program six weeks ago and rotate their meetings between the library and the art room at the school. They meet weekly for weight monitoring tips and ideas for eating out and weigh in every week. They all received a book with information on how many points each food item is.It's all about the points!They have really done great; The average weight losses are between three and nearly nine pounds.The participants walk down the halls encouraging each other and they also do a lot of exercise, from walking and even some Wii fitness programs, which is a fantastic way to power up your health and have fun doing it.The motto is "bite it, write it" and they keep track of what they eat and the points they have totaled up. There is also a lot of discipline in achieving their ultimate goals and these girls really do work hard.

Pet motelIn this time of recession there is one business in Fort Mill that is booming: Bowzee-Wowzee! We decided to take a mini-vacation and could not take our dog Marley, so we decided to put her into a pet motel. This pet motel was crowded when we got there and the owner said they had 22 check-ins anticipated, including the climate controlled Doggie Suites and Cat Condos. They also have a Doggy Daycare.I have decided that this family business is successful because everyone at the facility loves animals and the owners spend a lot of time minding the store and taking care of the animals.As you know, my dog Marley was abandoned. But, I bet you didn't know that one of the 22 dogs that played Marley in the movie "Marley & Me" was also abandoned by his owners and roamed the streets of Tampa, Fla., dirty, lonely and with a painful leg injury. One day, he was spotted by animal control, picked up and put into a cage to be euthanized. A volunteer noticed the dog watching her from behind bars and could not bare to leave him, so she took him home and named him Rudy.He got all the love and attention he needed. No one could keep up with him. The movie producers needed an older dog that was full of energy and in came Rudy. He was sent to Hollywood, trained and his name was changed to Marley for the movie.You remember him; He was the one who tore into the birthday cake and knocked over the snowman.Pets are our best friends for a reason. Researchers report that basking in unconditional love of a pet is more effective at reducing stress than talking problems through with friends or partners!