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Thoughts on prom: I make my own memories

As other high school seniors stress over prom, I stay relaxed and calm. Not only am I leaving behind the mayhem of picking out a dress or making restaurant reservations.

I am ditching this 'momentous" occasion entirely. I have grown out of my prom dress and prom.

As a senior at Nation Ford High School, our prom is on May 2. But this year, I'm going against the norm. I'm skipping the trite occasion and doing something different.

And memorable.

I have experienced the glitz and glamour of prom night from my junior year, but after the evening-long soiree, I was $300 lighter. I work too much to watch my money waste away in one night. I have more important reasons to save money: College books, car payments and, did I mention a trip to Germany?

So here's to creating a memory sans prom gowns, shiny necklaces and four-inch stilettos. I leave that to the amateurs. As for me, I'm trying a different scene.

Over the summer, my friend and I plan to visit friends and family in Germany. A trip to Germany will cost more than a dance, but no longer do I have to worry about finding a date or renting a limousine. I will only stress over coach or business.

Let me think. If I have to choose a one-night dance in everyday Fort Mill or a two-week trip to Europe, I pick the latter.

I don't want pity.

I choose to be a bystander when it comes to the whole prom situation. Trust me, I am getting enough prom experience from hearing my friends whine about tan lines and cheap parents.

I also don't want to hear complaints.

It is my personal choice, and I choose to practice my freedom. And if you just can't stand my decision, Photoshop me into one of your fake, "I'm-so-happy-my-parents-paid-for-this" pictures.

Although the music is upbeat, the mood of prom itself is sentimental. Prom doesn't signify the end of high school; Graduation does. I will see all the students from prom at school the next week. If I miss some big incident at prom, I will hear about it the following Monday.

I only have one chance to celebrate my senior year before I start another four years (minimum) of education. So I'm saving my money, packing my suitcase and guarding my passport.

Auf wiedersehen. Or, goodbye

Editor's note: Sarah Metallo is an intern at the Fort Mill Times.