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Councilman's wife arrested 2nd time in 10 days

First, Jennifer Ann Lindemann celebrated her 29th birthday.

The next day, Lindemann, the wife of York County Councilman Paul Lindemann, found herself sitting in a jail cell. That arrest marked the second time this month the Fort Mill woman was in police custody.

Now, Lindemann, of 1080 Isom Road, faces a criminal domestic violence charge involving her husband and a drug-related charge after officers allegedly found her with several Valium pills.

If convicted on both charges, Lindemann faces up to a seven-month prison sentence and a $2,630 fine, according to 16th Circuit Solicitor Kevin Brackett and Deputy Solicitor Willy Thompson.

The Lindemanns did not return calls to the Fort Mill Times. Paul Lindemann represents District 1, mainly Fort Mill and Tega Cay, as well as a small part of Rock Hill.

Jennifer Lindemann's most recent charge is rooted in an April 22 traffic stop. Around 11:15 p.m., police said Lindemann was a passenger in a gray Mazda traveling near the intersection of Gold Hill Road and Hwy. 160 West in Fort Mill when she and the driver were stopped.

"Police stopped them because the driver was driving under suspension and committed some minor traffic violations," said Marvin Brown, commander of the York County Multijurisdictional Drug Enforcement Unit.

The driver and Lindemann were searched after police spotted something suspicious in the car, Brown said.

"There was some bullets in the car," he said. "When they searched her, they found the pills."

The bullets were found in the back seat of the car; however, officials did not find a gun, BJ Kennedy of the county drug unit said.

Lindemann had two-and-a-half Valium pills in her possession, according to Brown and a report from the York County Sheriff's Office. "The pills were in her pocketbook," Kennedy said. "They were wrapped in plastic."

Also seized from Lindemann's purse were four Xanaflex pills, according to Kennedy and the report.

Police charged the driver, David Paul Love, 41, of 1508 Royal Auburn Ave. in Fort Mill with driving under suspension, the report shows. According to police, Love is a friend of Lindemann's mother. Love, whose bond was set at $652, was released April 23.

Eleven days before, Lindemann was arrested after police said she slapped her husband during a confrontation at another woman's house. On April 12, police responded to a disturbance call at 914 Little Creek Drive.

Lindemann told police that she went to a home at that address to talk to her husband and a 28-year-old woman. A Fort Mill police report and York County tax records show that the home belongs to Ashley E. Martin, who ran unsuccessfully in the 2008 Republican Primary against York County Councilman Curwood Chappell.

The police report notes that Lindemann told police that she suspected her husband was having an affair with the homeowner. After seeing him drive away from the area, Jennifer Lindemann drove to the residence, knocked on the unlocked door, entered uninvited and went upstairs to speak to Martin, according to the report. While Lindemann was trying to get to Martin, a 21-year-old Rock Hill woman, grabbed Lindemann's arm in an attempt to make her leave. Lindemann slapped the woman's arm away, police said.

Then, Lindemann went outside to talk to her husband, whom she previously called to meet her at the residence. During that conversation, she allegedly grabbed her husband's shirt and struck him in the face, according to the Fort Mill Police report.

When police arrived, they found Paul Lindemann and Jennifer Lindemann, holding a small child, outside Martin's home.

Paul Lindemann told police he spent the night at Martin's home after a party and that the two were not having an affair.

"I had a dinner party that night," Martin told the Fort Mill Times. "He's my friend and was invited to attend."

Martin declined further comments.

Paul Lindemann "was adamant that he did not want to pursue charges" against his wife, according to the report. However, Jennifer Lindemann was arrested and taken to the Fort Mill Police Department. She was released the same day on a personal recognizance bond.

A court date is set for Wednesday, May 13 at Fort Mill Municipal Court.

Lindemann's bond was set at $1,000 after the subsequent drug-related arrest, where police cited her for possession of Valium. Lindemann, who was released last Thursday, is slated for a June 23 court date.