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Artist's work stolen from Art Mill

This is one of the necklaces stolen from the Art Mill.
This is one of the necklaces stolen from the Art Mill.

First, four pieces of sterling silver jewelry embellished with semiprecious stones were on display at the Art Mill.

Then they weren't.

That's because someone with sticky fingers made off with them, police said.

Fort Mill Art Guild President Marcia Buike, who runs the Art Mill, believes two necklaces and two pairs of earrings, crafted by Constance Buchanan, were stolen a week ago.

And they want it back.

"They are very unique," Buike said of the jewelry. "You will not find them in any store. If you see someone wearing them, please call the police."

The jewelry was stolen between April 27 and April 29, according to a report from the Fort Mill Police Department. Its value tops $200, the report notes.

No one has been arrested in the case, which happened at the Art Mill, 213 Main St. , Fort Mill, Capt. Bryan Zachary of the Fort Mill Police Department said.

Now, Buike is out $215, the value of the stolen jewelry, she said.

"I'm eating the loss," Buike said. "I personally paid the artist for her jewelry."

On April 25, Buike noticed Buchanan's jewelry had been moved.

"I remember on Saturday saying someone rearranged Constance's jewelry," she recalled. "I know where everything is. When someone rearranges jewelry, it's jarring. Something seemed odd because the jewelry wasn't in the same place."

Days later, Buike realized Buchanan's jewelry was missing.

"I'd like the pieces back," she said. "We don't have theft insurance."

So Buike is out $215 at a time when covering the rent for the art guild's building is a hardship, she said.

"I could understand if the person was stealing milk or bread to feed his family, but someone saw something (that) they thought was pretty and thought they were entitled to it."

Anyone with information leading to the recovery of the jewelry or subsequent arrests is asked to call the Fort Mill Police Department at 547-2022 or CrimeStoppers of York County at 1-877-409-4321.