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The so-very-important ministry of motherhood

Darlene Woodhouse and her husband, Matt, are lead pastors at Fort Mill's Antioch International Church. Visit
Darlene Woodhouse and her husband, Matt, are lead pastors at Fort Mill's Antioch International Church. Visit

In this column, I want to show you God's perspective of motherhood. You see, there is a shortage of role models for biblical motherhood in our society, and the effects are evident in the world today. Many people's concept of motherhood is often exclusive, fake and one dimensional.

This is especially true with the celebrity culture that surrounds us.

The biblical concept of motherhood is multidimensional. Today, let me share with you three distinct aspects of Christ's character that shine through us as we ask Him to help us minister as mothers.

1. Strength: In Proverbs 31:25 we read this about a mother: "Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at the future." As mothers, we need strength to be excellent guardians of our treasure. Our children are our most precious treasure. We guard them physically, emotionally and spiritually. We also need to be vigilant to collect and ponder the words, dreams and visions given to us of God's plan and purpose for each individual child so we can pass it to them at the right time.

2. Courage: "Courage is the capacity to meet danger or difficulty with firmness or bravery." As mothers, we are in this balancing act of guarding and releasing our children as they grow and mature. This type of courage is trust and grace given to us by God to do what we need to do in His time. Take His grace to release them into their calling, and let your child shine. I am convinced that the most well adjusted kids are the ones who are fervently guarded and exuberantly released.

3. Wisdom: As mothers, we need wisdom to keep things in perspective.

My definition of wisdom is this: "Wisdom is the ability to keep the major things in life the major things in life, and the minor things in life the minor things in life."

We also need God's wisdom to recognize and respect the diversity of motherhood. Think outside the box! We have traditional mothers, single mothers, adoptive mothers, mothers of disabled children, mothers who never bore a child, spiritual mothers and -- get this -- mothers who have yet to bear a child.

The ministry of motherhood transcends the physical. I remember watching a documentary about Mother Teresa and her team going about the ministry of motherhood. She was outside the world's "box." She wasn't a rich or glamorous celebrity mom, in fact, she never bore a child, and yet you will see the love of Christ shining brightly through her life as she ministered as a mother.

This article is to all women. Allow the light of Christ to shine through your life and let it express the beautiful and diverse ministry of motherhood through your hands, your eyes, your mouth and your feet, wherever you are.

Happy Mother's Day.