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Despite turmoil, Lindemann staying put

Paul Lindemann
Paul Lindemann

Heads up, Fort Mill voters.

York County Councilman Paul Lindemann has a message for those of you who helped put him in office. Although some people who voted for Lindemann in November may be calling for him to step down, don't look for his resignation.

Lindemann, a Republican from Fort Mill, has no plans to step down from his second term representing District 1. "Why are they calling for my resignation?" he asked.

Last July, Columbia authorities charged Lindemann with driving under the influence. He later pleaded guilty to a lesser charge.

Then, last month, Lindemann's wife, Jennifer, was charged with domestic violence after witnesses said she slapped Lindemann after she suspected that he spent the night at another woman's house. Ten days later, Jennifer Lindemann was arrested again, this time on a drug-related charge. Both arrests were reported by the Fort Mill Times.

"I apologize for the unfortunate situations in my private life," Lindemann said. "The biggest thing that I want the people to know is I'm trying to take care of home. My personal issues do not effect my policy decision making on [the York County] council.

And apologizing is all he will do.

York County Republican Party Chairman Glenn McCall said the group is not calling for Lindemann's resignation.

"It's personal," McCall said. "We're going to let Paul work it out. We took a stand last year, and they (the voters) put him back in office."

McCall, who said he suggested to Lindemann that he resign last year after the DUI arrest, acknowledged that elected officials serve as role models.

"We expect all of our elected officials to conduct themselves in a professional manner," he said. "Their lives are not private."

Yet, McCall said, the party won't ask Lindemann to bow out.

"No, we're not going to call for it," McCall said about asking Lindemann to resign. "It still needs to be worked out. That's personal between him and his wife. Asking him to resign has no teeth."

Lindemann contends that he and his wife are separated but working to remain married.

"That's the ultimate goal," Lindemann said.

According to a police report, Lindemann spent the night at the Fort Mill home of Ashley Martin, who lost a 2008 GOP primary in a bid to oust incumbent York County Councilman Curwood Chappell. After a dinner party at Martin's home, Lindemann stayed over, the report notes.

"I've been friends with Ashley for a long time," said Lindemann, who denied an affair with Martin.

"I was sitting up with a few buddies of mind just hanging out," he said of the after party hours. "It was getting late...I wanted to be considerate to others and not call late at night to have them pick me up."

Lindemann said he was dropped off at the party and he did not have a vehicle at his disposal.

"There was no way I was going to get behind the steering wheel after having alcoholic beverages," he said. "I learned my lesson the first time."

The next morning a male friend picked up Lindemann as well as another male friend. About five minutes later, Lindemann received a telephone call.

"She [Jennifer] said, 'You need to come back and be honest about last night,'" he recalled.

That's when police said Jennifer Lindemann let herself into Martin's house before a confrontation occurred with Paul Lindemann in Martin's yard. The incident led to Jennifer Lindemann's first arrest last month.

"It's some unfortunate situations that snowballed and mushroomed," Paul Lindemann said. "It was all a misunderstanding...I can't control anybody but myself."

Come November 2010, Lindemann will be up for reelection. Perhaps, McCall said, voters will force Lindemann's resignation.

"It has to come from the constituents," he said. "They have to decide that they have had enough."