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Nation Ford students show they have 'Talon'

Justin Sebastyan won first place in last week's Talon Extravaganza.
Justin Sebastyan won first place in last week's Talon Extravaganza.

In a take on the hit reality TV series, Nation Ford High School's Drama Club hosted the second annual Talon Extravaganza and proved that Nation Ford's got talent.

Hosts Amy Turner, the NFHS Drama Club sponsor, and senior Justin Sebastyan hosted the show that drew a capacity crowd of students and family May 18 and began with a little comedic tone.

"My favorite part was emceeing with Justin because we didn't write a script or anything," Turner said.

And the crowd agreed; They laughed at the hosts' improvisations and funny antics.

The extravaganza presented 19 acts. Although some acts were new renditions of older pieces, 10 performances displayed original work.

"It was interesting that so many people wrote their own pieces," Sebastyan said.

While some performers sang and others danced, the audience stayed lively and spirited.

"I was excited because the crowd was really pumped and there was lots of energy," Sebastyan said.

The show did not disappoint, and there were many crowd-pleasing acts. Annette Shaefer strummed on her guitar while singing an original song, leaving the audience speechless.

Far from Shaefer's song, Adrian Jackson, Chapel Lighty and Stephen Smith rapped and danced along to their original "Did You Wrong." The audience got out of their seats, and some even rushed to the stage to cheer.

But the show was not limited to students; Faculty participated to show they aren't just good at teaching.

"It was fun to get back up onstage, but I was really nervous," said world history teacher Michael Civiletto, "I have much respect for the kids that do this all the time."

He was just one of the teachers who decided to take the stage.

After a brief intermission - and a chance to munch on snacks sold by the Drama Club - Sebastyan took time from hosting to sing a Michael Buble song, "I'm Your Man." He wooed the females in the audience with a couple winks and waves.

In other acts, Grace Bailey presented her one-woman show, "It's a Skits-ophanic World" and The Matt Bailey Experience ended the show. Members Rory Masterson, Tommy Werner, Ryan Celley, Nate Docherty and Zach White sang the Beatles' "Hey Jude." Although the performance started with the band members, trumpeters, saxophonists, and chorus members joined the band to finish out the song. The band also encouraged the audience to sing along.

"I was really pleased with the audience's participation," Masterson said.

The show was also a competition and three anonymous judges picked the winners based on creativity, selection and difficulty. Turner announced the winners after the judges tallied up the scores.

Sebastyan won first place and the crowd's cheers showed they were pleased with the outcome. Tying for second were Schaefer, Jackson, Lighty and Smith. Third place went to dancers Kierra Kelley, Shekinah Holmes, Katie Rodriguez, Vetria Boatwright, Rossy Peralta and Michelle Peralta.

"Winners received a trophy and bragging rights for next year," Turner said.