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Look around and be amazed - Part I

Dr. Matt Woodhouse is a lead pastor at Antioch Inter-national Church in Fort Mill. Visit
Dr. Matt Woodhouse is a lead pastor at Antioch Inter-national Church in Fort Mill. Visit

We live in a time where amazing advancements are all around us, whether it is in medicine, technology, science, sport, business...the list goes on.

We regularly hear of new inventions, new break-throughs, records being broken and astronomical amounts of money being lost or gained. I am constantly amazed at how new electronic gadgets work, whether it be computers, cell phones, an MP3 player or even something in my car. I am amazed at the speed, strength and skill of certain athletes. I am amazed at the technical ability of many musicians.

I am even amazed (well, sometimes) at the way some actors are very convincing as they portray their characters. However, there is a simple truth that amazes me more than any of these areas of human competence and expertise. There is one phrase that, whenever I hear it, stops me in my tracks and causes me to reconsider how much I really do understand.

This truth is explained in three simple words that you may have heard 1,000 times, yet not really considered their significance.

Are you ready for it?

The thing that amazes me above anything else is the truth that God Loves Me. When I hear this simple statement of the Christian faith, I am so aware of how great God is, and how much we need His love. And yet, so often, we lose the amazing depth of God's love for us.

"Love" has been so devalued due to misuse of the word in society today. Only God's love is totally pure, selfless and perfect, and that's the way that He loves each of us. His love for us is deeper than our own love for our favorite food, favorite team, favorite vacation spot, or even our favorite person. And yet the greatness of God's love allows you to receive it or you can choose to reject it.

Today, as you read this column, allow me to remind you of the most amazing words of all: "God Loves You."

Allow yourself to accept this as truth for you and your life.