Fort Mill Times

Police use Taser at Fort Mill party

Fort Mill Police used a Taser to subdue a suspect when they attempted to quiet an unruly party, according to a Fort Mill Police Department report.

Officers responded to a noise complaint around 9:15 p.m. Saturday at the Forest Ridge Apartments in Fort Mill. Police spoke to a man in the doorway of the apartment until he slammed the door in their face, the report states. Officers said they pursued the man into the apartment and found him hiding in a bathroom, where he was allegedly trying to hide a handgun and evidence of drug use, the report states.

Meanwhile, another man approached officers on the apartment’s front porch. The man began screaming and cursing while holding a small child, the report states. After asking him several times to be quiet and leave the property, officers tried to arrest the man. He allegedly resisted police, and after officers secured the child, a Taser stun gun was used to bring the suspect into submission, the report states. The suspect is identified as Donovan Gervais Nichols, 25, of 539 Neville St., Rock Hill.

In total, three men were arrested at the party and face a variety of minor drug and disorderly conduct-related charges.