Fort Mill Times

Disco fever breaks out at school

Have some fun!

It’s the best stress-buster, and that is what the PTO at Fort Mill Elementary School had in mind on a recent Friday night. It was a 1970s disco dance and more than 550 people attended.


A lot of parents and their children dressed in the ‘70s attire, and some people were almost unrecognizable. The teachers got to let their hair down, or should I say “up,” because there was a lot of big hair in the building. Teachers Cama Rice, Laurie Machado and Michelle Arden were also unrecognizable even though we see them almost everyday. It was the clothes, sunglasses and the big, big hair of the disco era.

A “dance off” was held and the winners were teachers Chris Starnes, Becky Ackerman and Kalisa Vincelli. The fourth grade students in those teachers’ classes benefited from this because they won an ice cream party.

The other big hit was the door prizes. Door prize No. 5 was a gigantic lemon meringue pie from the Peach Stand. Thank goodness I didn’t win that. I would have eaten that in the parking lot!

It was such a great night just to see the parents, children and teachers all dancing and having so much fun. The music was great and if you closed your eyes, you could almost see Donna Summers and the Bee Gees in the house.

A big thank you to the PTO and PTO President Licia Muttillo for all the hard work putting this together.

You know you’re putting a good thing out into the universe when you put on glitter and hit the disco floor.