Fort Mill Times

Fort Mill schools get stimulus funds

The Fort Mill School District received $195,419 in federal stimulus funds to make several energy-related improvements in Fort Mill Schools, according to a press release from the South Carolina Energy Office.

Lighting upgrades will be made at Fort Mill High School, Riverview Elementary School, Fort Mill Middle School and Gold Hill Middle School. Hot water tanks will be replaced at Fort Mill High School and Riverview Elementary School. Lighting controls will be installed at Fort Mill Middle School, Gold Hill Middle School, Riverview Elementary School, Fort Mill High School, Springfield Middle School, Nation Ford High School, Orchard Park Elementary School, Springfield Elementary School, Fort Mill Elementary School and Gold Hill Elementary School. “These stimulus grants will help York County schools make much needed energy efficiency improvements that will lead to greater annual savings for the districts and taxpayers,” John Clark, director of the South Carolina Energy Office, said in the release.

“York County taxpayers will save more than $437,000 as a result of these improvements,” Clark said.

In total, schools in York County received more than $1 million in energy-related money from the federal government.

According to the release, the state’s 85 school districts are sharing $20.3 million in grants and loans for energy efficiency. The state’s public colleges and universities are receiving a total of $12.2 million, and state agencies are getting $7.4 million for energy efficiency improvements. Each entity’s allocation is based on the size of the organization’s energy bill.