Fort Mill Times

Police blotter

TVs, laptop stolen from condo

A Fort Mill couple returned home March 18 to find their condo had been burglarized.

The victims called police March 18 when they arrived home, according to a Fort Mill Police report. They told police they discovered that two TVs and a laptop computer were missing from the home on Peach Place in Fort Mill.

There was no forced entry. The victims believe someone entered the apartment while they were gone and left the door unlocked. The missing items are valued at $1,950.

Teen pushes father over homework

A Fort Mill dad called police after his 17-year-old daughter pushed him while they argued about her homework, according to a Fort Mill Police report.

The report states the father, 38, was arguing with his teen about her homework when she became angry and shoved him with both hands, knocking him backwards. Police were called. The dad didn’t press charges, but wanted the incident documented. It’s unclear if the homework was ever completed.

Church sign vandalized

A Fort Mill church marquee was used to make a disparaging remark about a deacon, according to a Fort Mill Police report.

The report states around 9 a.m. March 17, someone changed the marquee sign at Glen Rock Baptist Church to say that one of the church’s deacons “is a phony deacon,” according to the report. The deacon reported the incident to police. He told police he suspects another church member. No charges were filed.

Online scam reported

A Fort Mill woman has lost $2,960 in an online scam that asked her to send money to help a soldier, according to a Fort Mill Police report.

The March 16 report states the 41-year-old met an alleged soldier in an Internet chat room and she agreed to help pay some of his expenses so he could come home on leave. The woman first sent $1,850 to pay for the soldier to come home from Bolivia. Then later she was told to send additional money to a secretary in Nigeria and to open new checking and savings accounts to facilitate the transactions, the report states.

An investigation is ongoing.

Compiled by Adam O’Daniel