Fort Mill Times

Teen Carowinds worker fired after stealing $70

A 16-year-old Carowinds employee was arrested, fired and banned from the park after he stole $70 from the amusement park, police say.

The former employee, who worked in the games department, was charged with breach of trust with fraudulent intent and will appear in court on Tuesday.

Close to midnight Saturday, Carowinds security officers and sheriff’s deputies interviewed the employee, who is accused of stealing $70 from his till. He tried to hide the money in his water bottle, according to a York County Sheriff’s report.

Security officers were able to find the money, the report states.

Deputies waited for the boy’s mother to arrive before they arrested and transported him to the sheriff’s district office in Fort Mill. That’s when the employee admitted to stealing the money and trying to conceal it in his water bottle, the report states.

The boy is banned from the park for two years.

New hires are made aware of the park's theft prevention procedures and the consequences for stealing in the Carowinds Associate Guidebook, said Chris Kirby, a Carowinds spokesman.