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Report: Boyfriend attacked in parking lot

Report: Boyfriend attacked in parking lot

A Rock Hill woman allegedly assaulted her boyfriend in the Hardee’s parking lot in downtown Fort Mill after she learned he had cheated on her with another woman, according to a Fort Mill Police report.

The incident happened Saturday when a police officer reported seeing a woman punching a man in the face outside the Hardee’s on Tom Hall Street. The officer intervened in the attack and learned the couple had been driving in separate cars to Rock Hill when the woman, age 47, learned the man had been seeing another woman. She flashed her lights at him, and they pulled over. She then got out of her car and attacked him, according to the report.

Police arrested the woman and charged her with domestic violence. However, in the patrol car she complained of chest pains, the report states, and was admitted to a hospital for a 24-hour period and then released on a summons to appear in court.

Credit union victim of counterfeit checks

Family Trust Federal Credit Union reported two counterfeit checks that cost the business nearly $5,000, according to a Fort Mill Police report.

The checks were cashed at the Fort Mill branch last month by a man identified as a 50-year-old Fort Mill resident, the report states. The suspect cashed two Citibank cashier’s checks that turned out to be counterfeit. The checks were valued at $4,894.17.

The credit union tried to recover the money but has been unable to locate the suspect. Police obtained surveillance video and the suspect’s last known address.

The case is under investigation.

Woman receives trespass warning

A Fort Mill woman was issued trespassing notices from two different locations on two consecutive days, according to Fort Mill Police reports.

The woman, 33, during both incidents was accused of yelling at cussing at the complainants.

The first incident happened around 5:45 p.m. Sept. 10 when the suspect allegedly got into an argument with a woman at a home off of Joe Louis Street. The woman told police the suspect stood in her driveway for an extended time screaming and cussing, the report states. Police issued the suspect a trespassing notice and instructed her not to step on the premises again.

The next day, she received a second warning, this time at the Family Dollar store located at 100 Fort Mill Square. The store manager asked her to be placed on trespassing notice after she allegedly yelled and cursed at him in the store, the report states.

The suspect told police she became angry because the store manager followed her around the store to make sure she wasn’t shoplifting, the report states. She doesn’t face any charges other than the trespassing notices.

Compiled by Adam O’Daniel

Police reports of all felonies and any major misdemeanors are compiled weekly from local law enforcement agency records. Charges do not necessarily result in a conviction, and people who are arrested are innocent until proven guilty.