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Report: Grandmother punched by daughter

Report: Grandmother punched by daughter

A Fort Mill grandmother reported she was attacked by her daughter who was visiting from out-of-town with the victim’s grandchild, according to a Fort Mill Police report.

The grandmother, 59, told police she was punched several times by her 29-year-old daughter who was visiting from Tucson, Ariz. The daughter was angry because the grandmother had made the baby cry after changing the toy it was playing with, the report states. The two women then began arguing over the crying baby, and the daughter punched her mother and broke the child’s toy, according to the report.

The women did not wish to pursue criminal charges. The baby was unharmed.

Fort Mill businesses burglarized

Two Fort Mill offices were burglarized last week, according to Fort Mill Police reports.

The first burglary occurred Nov. 13 at 108 Springs St., which is home to a bakery and event planning business. The owner reported that someone had forced their way inside the building and stolen two Apple iPads and several other pieces of computer equipment. The missing items are valued at about $1,000. The thieves entered the building by breaking a storage room window. Police are investigating.

The other burglary was reported Nov. 11 by employees of the Town of Fort Mill’s Parks and Recreation department. They told police someone tried to break into offices at 490 Banks St. by tampering with windows. Police saw evidence that someone tried to break the frames around at least two windows. It’s unclear if the burglars were able to enter the building.

No items were reported missing.

Man caught with counterfeit check

A Fort Mill man has been arrested after allegedly trying to cash a counterfeit check, according to a Fort Mill Police report.

The man, 29-year-old Jarvis Hughes of Fort Mill, allegedly tried to cash a fake paycheck at the Wells Fargo bank branch in downtown Fort Mill on Nov. 14. But the teller suspected fraud and called police. Police called the company alleged to have issued the check, and the chief financial officer told police the check was counterfeit, according to the report.

The suspect was arrested and charged with forgery.

Repots of all felonies and any major misdemeanors are compiled weekly from local law enforcement agencies. Charges do not necessarily result in a conviction, and people who are arrested are innocent until proven guilty.

Compiled by Adam O’Daniel