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Woman victim of Craigslist fake check scam

Woman victim of Craigslist fake check scam

A Fort Mill woman lost more than $2,000 in an online fake check scam, according to a Fort Mill Police report.

The 20-year-old woman told police she advertised a room for rent on the classified advertising website A woman identified as Glenda Wood responded to the ad, the report states. She told the woman in Fort Mill that her employer was paying her to relocate and she would send a check to the victim to hold the room. She asked the victim to deposit the check and then send some of the money back to her to help her move, according to the report.

The victim followed the suspects instructions, depositing a check for $2,850 at her local bank and sending most of it to the suspect via a wire transfer. Later, the woman was told the check she cashed was counterfeit, according to the report. The suspect was not heard from since.

Police are investigating the scam.

Fort Mill officer assaulted in court

A man in police custody is accused of assaulting a Fort Mill police officer following a court hearing last week, according to a Fort Mill police report.

On Dec. 2, the man, Andrew Garry Faile, 21, of Fort Mill, was being escorted to a Fort Mill jail cell after appearing before a judge in a bond hearing related to burglary charges. The suspect, who was handcuffed in front of his body, allegedly turned around in a hallway and with both hands punched the officer escorting him, the report states.

The officer who was attacked and another officer nearby tackled the prisoner and restrained him quickly, the report states. He was placed in a confinement cell and charged with assaulting a public official.

The officer was taken to a hospital where he was treated for lacerations above his eye and a swollen wrist.

TV stolen in burglary

A Fort Mill woman reported her flat-screen TV was stolen when someone broke into her home, according to a Fort Mill Police report.

The report states the 51-year-old woman reported the break-in Dec. 3. She told police she returned to her home on Fairway Drive after 6:30 p.m. to find the back door kicked in and her house in disarray. Drawers and cabinet doors were open throughout the house and jewelry was on the floor in her bedroom, the report states. The woman told police the only item she knew was missing was a TV valued at $1,200.

Police are investigating but have not named a suspect.

Purse stolen from Elisha Park

Someone is suspected of taking a mother’s purse from her car while she played with her child at Elisha Park in Fort Mill, according to a Fort Mill Police report.

The woman called police the morning of Dec. 3 to report the crime. She told officers she was playing with her small child in the park when her car alarm was activated. She then saw a silver Subaru sedan driven by a woman pull away from her parked car. The woman said the thief apparently entered the vehicle through a partially rolled down window and stole her purse.

Police are investigating but did not locate the suspected vehicle.

Compiled by Adam O’Daniel

Police reports of all felonies and any major misdemeanors are compiled weekly from local law enforcement agency records. Charges do not necessarily result in a conviction, and people who are arrested are innocent until proven guilty.