Fort Mill Times

Gloria Davey, No. 11 on the Fort Mill 11, dedicated herself to homeless animals

It isn’t often that dozens of Indian Land residents travel the distance from their homes to Lancaster County for a council meeting, but they came in droves for a rezoning meeting near the end of 2012.

Gloria Davey hoped to rezone a piece of residential property on Barberville Road to allow a dog shelter and thrift shop, but local homeowners opposed the change. When it came time for the council to vote on the rezoning, the council chamber was packed with Indian Land residents – both for and against the rezoning. In the end, those against won. The council voted unanimously against rezoning the property, saying it wasn’t an appropriate place for a dog shelter.

Davey, who runs the animal rescue group Paws in the Panhandle, said she’s “not defeated – just delayed” and will try to rezone the property again next year.

Though Davey was unsuccessful, she feels like she did bring light to the plight of unwanted animals in Lancaster County. Throughout her fight to rezone the property, she reminded area residents that the shelter was necessary because Lancaster County doesn’t have a no-kill shelter for dogs and cats, and she aims to work until one is built.

Jenny Overman