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Mims Driscoll is No. 9 on the Fort Mill 11 list of 2012’s top local newsmakers

It was a fistfight between two middle-school football players that started on their bus ride home from a game and continued when they arrived back at school. In most cases, few people outside the team circle would have known about it. But Mims Driscoll, the mother of one of the boys, was sitting in her car in the parking lot at the time and saw what she described as a particularly nasty fight that left her son’s face bloodied.

She was so distraught over the incident that she posted a video on YouTube about it.

That video, which had more than 1,500 views, was followed by others.

Driscoll was distraught, she said, because her son contends he was picked on by the teammate because of his Jewish roots. The Driscolls are Christian, but Mims comes from Jewish parents and she contends her son has been targeted by bullies since he discussed his roots in elementary school during a lesson on the Holocaust.

Her son received two days of out of school suspension, one day of in-school suspension and was suspended from the team for the final two games. At least one other player was also suspended from the team and from school.

“Believe me, I understand that there is an aspect of ‘he said/she said’ in some of this, but there are facts that are not under dispute,” Driscoll said at the time.

The incident drew dozens of comments from Fort Mill Times readers who debated the story on our website.