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Clairemont residents air complaints at HOA meeting

The Clairemont Homeowners Association addressed a variety of residents’ concerns, including increased spending and stricter regulations, during their annual meeting Thursday at Pleasant Valley Methodist Church.

Referencing a string of long-standing complaints from residents, Clairemont HOA Board of Directors Secretary Nick Kerzman said although most of the claims are based in fact, they are “not the entire picture.” 

The restrictions on the placement of satellite dishes was one of the main concerns residents aired.

“Our guidelines are very flexible,” Kerzman said. 

Kerzman said many satellite dishes in Clairemont weren’t properly installed and board is now focused on fixing the violations. He urged residents to help each other meet requirements.

“We all have a shared responsibility,” he said. 

Kerzman explained the board’s priorities for the next year, including the 2013 budget and plans to improve the community. Residents will be expected to pay an increased assessment cost in the next year. A reduced cost for pool management and a landscape contractor were some of the ways the board plans to offset the increased costs of improving the community, Kerzman said. 

The board’s action comes on the heels of many years of unaddressed violations within the neighborhood, Kerzman said. The board hopes to address these and improve things for Clairemont over the next year, HOA President Agey said.

“We are going to make this a better community,” he said. 

The board also discussed a transition from their current management company, Keuster Management, to a new company after Kuester’s contract ends May 31. 

A new member was voted onto the board after the meeting. The two candidates were Rita Muehlman, who has lived in Clairemont since 2004, and former board member Paul Purcaro. Residents voted in Purcaro, who said he hopes to make Clairemont a “good place to live.”