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Update: Man who collapsed at Knights Stadium recovering

A Knights Stadium worker collapsed and appeared to be in serious condition as he was taken away by emergency medical service technicians Saturday afternoon.

At 8 p.m. a spokesman for the Knights said the man was "conscious, alert and recovering at the hospital."

The man was working at the grill of a concession stand in the stadium's picnic area when he collapsed in apparent cardiac arrest at about 1:30 p.m. Someone administered CPR until EMTs arrived. The EMTs used a Defibrillator type devise to shock the victim's heart before loading him on a stretcher and rushing him from the stadium.

The man's name has not been confirmed. The Fort Mill Times was on the scene and the victim appeared to be breathing while being taken out on the stretcher, but he did not appear conscious at the time.

The incident occurred during Knights Fest, the team's annual fan festival prior to opening day. This is the team's last season in Fort Mill before moving into a new stadium under construction in Charlotte.

Fort Mill Times Advertising Account Executive Corey Anderson, one of several newspaper staffers who was at the stadium playing in a media softball game, said he noticed flames coming from the grill at the concession stand seconds before he saw the man laying on the ground nearby.

"At first, I thought he had been burned," Anderson said.

Anderson said the man was not breathing and did not have a pulse. He administered chest compressions until WBTV sports reporter Leah Rubertino, who said she's trained in CPR began giving the victim mouth-to-mouth breathing aid. Rubertino was also attending Knights Fest and was in the picnic area when the victim collapsed.

A third person, an unidentified woman Anderson described as having "brunette hair and wearing black-rimmed glasses," identified herself as someone trained in the newest CPR technique and took over. She worked on the victim until the ambulance crew arrived and continued until the shock device was used.

Editor's note: The Fort Mill Times is hoping the unidentified woman will contact us by calling 547-2353 or