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Report: Teen choked 16-year-old girlfriend

Report: Teen choked 16-year-old girlfriend

An 18-year-old Fort Mill man was arrested after allegedly choking his 16-year-old girlfriend and destroying her cell phone, according to a Fort Mill Police report.

Donald Bradley Seitz, 18, of 118 Yorktown St. was arrested Saturday. The report states he became angry while looking through his girlfriend’s text messages. He then began choking the girl, according to the victim’s complaint. The altercation continued with the couple fighting on the floor of the home. The victim told police during the fight, the suspect destroyed her phone.

However, the suspect and his mother, who witnessed the event, told police the suspect only fought with the girl to defend himself from her attacks. The suspect said he broke the phone accidentally, the report states. Unable to determine the primary aggressor, police only charged the 18-year-old man for damaging the phone. The case is under investigation.

Home burglarized while resident at grocer

A Fort Mill home was burglarized while its resident was grocery shopping, according to a Fort Mill Police report.

The victim reported going to Bi-Lo around 8 p.m. April 10. When he returned to his Myers Street home two hours later, the front door was open and his dog was loose in the front yard, the report states. He noticed a video game console was missing and a TV had been removed from the home and was sitting on his porch steps.

Police rwere able to collect a fingerprint from the door. The case is under investigation.

Man charged with assaulting woman

A Fort Mill man was arrested and charged with assault following an alleged attack on a woman, according to a Fort Mill Police report.

Police were called to the Banks Street apartment when a neighbor reported a commotion on April 11. An officer heard a woman inside the apartment screaming, so he entered the home, according to the report.

Inside, the officer found 24-year-old Terrance McClain allegedly holding a woman down, the report states. Police broke up the attack and put the man in custody. The victim told police he came to her apartment and began hitting her and choking her after he found out she was spending time with another man, according to the report. She was treated for minor injuries by EMS.

Report: Man threw girlfriend in pool

A Fort Mill woman on April 11 told police her boyfriend assaulted her and threw her into a swimming pool, according to a Fort Mill Police report.

Police determined the couple had argued, but were unable to determine the primary aggressor. The man told police he threw the woman into the pool after she had attacked him and threw his tools across the yard, the report states. No charges were filed.

Reports of all felonies and any major misdemeanors are compiled weekly from local police reports. Charges do not necessarily result in a conviction, and people who are arrested are innocent until proven guilty.

Compiled by Adam O’Daniel