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Car collides with home in Regent Park area

When a car obliterates your living room wall as your wife and young children sleep, questions arise.

“I’m trying to figure out what happened,” said Brian Smith, who lives just off of Regent Parkway.

According to Smith and the incident report he provided, two cars collided on Regent Parkway at the entrance to Crown Plaza just after midnight on April 22. One of the cars then proceeded to strike Smith’s townhome on a corner of Township Drive. It knocked out a window and went through a couch before stopping, causing “tens of thousands [ of dollars]” in damage, he said.

“It’s kind of a mess,” Smith said last week. “At this point it’s habitable.”

Smith has a 3-year-old and a 3-month-old. His wife slept the previous night on the couch that the car rammed through, and headed from that same couch to bed about 20 minutes prior to the incident. Smith himself was about four feet from where the car entered his home after hearing the loud bang of the initial wreck.

“All of a sudden the car was in the house,” he said.

According to an incident report from the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, Shasta Michelle Hancock, 23, of Rock Hill, was cited for the wreck. A victim’s advocate report given to Smith by the department notes a DUI was involved and an arrest made. A spokesman from South Carolina Highway Patrol, as of press time, said further information on the case wasn’t available.

According to Smith, the driver’s side glass was gone and airbags were deployed prior to the car contacting the house, presumably from the initial wreck. The driver was unresponsive at first, but came to as law enforcement arrived.

Smith called the event “completely unnerving,” not to mention the disaster work to board and foam up the house to allow his family to stay there. Or the “considerable expense” to the Towne Square Townhomes.

“Someone, including the driver, could have been killed,” he said.