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5th Update: Threatening Facebook post mentions 'bombing NaFo'

Police took a former Nation Ford High School student into custody after an alleged threat made on Facebook prompted a "soft lockdown" at the school Friday afternoon.

After a school resource officer was told about the threatening post, the lockdown went into effect and police in Fort Mill contacted authorities in Pineville, N.C., where the suspect resides, said Maj. Bryan Zachary of the Fort Mill Police Department. He was soon located and taken in custody by officers from the Pineville Police Department, according to a police report.

He was released less than two hours later.

His age in unclear. A Fort Mill Police Department report identified him as a 19 year-old, but Pineville police say he is 17.

(Editor's note: The Fort Mill Times initially named the suspect when the police report was released, but later decided to delete his name from our website after it was learned that he has not been charged and that the two police agencies do not agree on the suspect's age).

Police were on the scene since the lockdown began 1:12 p.m. Friday. Parents were notified by the district around 2 p.m., shortly after the suspect was taken into custody. The lockdown ended soon after.

The threat made on Facebook was "very specific" to the school, Zachary said.

Pineville Police said late Friday afternoon the suspect was questioned and then released with no charges being filed. Charges may be filed at a later date pending further investigation, Pineville police said.

According to Lieutenant Corey Copley of the Pineville Police Department, he was released into the custody of his parents after “extensive questioning.”

“We interviewed him extensively,” Copley said. “They feel like he is not a threat.”

A screen shot of the Facebook post obtained by the Fort Mill Times and verified by Pineville police as the one that led to the investigation is expletive-filled and somewhat incoherent. Part of the post, free of expletives, read, "Im going to kill everyone I know and bomb nafo. Now whats next? The freedom of speech turned into bomb threats. Do I scare you? Do you feel threatened? I should. So should ever other person that walks the streets."

One sentence in the post that appears to make a reference to the April 15 Boston Marathon bombing says "If Im really such a threat for saying words that the famous get famous for, then I would choose my backpack over society."

Copley said police plan to meet with the Pineville district attorney to determine whether charges will be brought against the suspect.