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Similar crimes: A bad week for ex-lovers in Fort Mill

Slashed tires, smashed windshield and the ol’ sugar-in-gas-tank bit.

It hasn’t been a good week for ex-lovers in Fort Mill.

Fort Mill Police were called to investigate at least three incidents of vandalism or property damage last week involving lovers scorned, according to Fort Mill Police Department reports.

None of the episodes are related, they said.

On May 10, an officer responded to a call at a home off Clydesdale Court. The victim told police she woke up that morning to find all four tires on her Nissan Sentra had been slashed. She told police she suspects her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, a 32-year-old Fort Mill woman who has been harassing her.

Damage was estimated at $450.

On May 8, police responded to a call at a home off Drane Circle. There, a witness told police a man had been seen throwing a concrete block through the windshield of a parked car then running away on foot. The car’s owner is a 24-year-old man who was inside the home spending time with the suspect’s ex-girlfriend, police said. Damage was estimated at $300.

The suspect could not be located.

On May 8, a woman came to the police department lobby to report that she suspects an ex-boyfriend put sugar in the gas tank of her 2007 Honda Accord. The woman, 33, told police that the day before she and the suspect argued and he removed all of his belongings from her residence. She last saw him standing near her vehicle. Then later she discovered a white powder on the ground near her car and what looked like sugar around the rim of her car’s gas tank, the report states.

Police are investigating.