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Field Day left Cooper dog tired

Last Friday at about 8:30 a.m., my grandson called and asked me if I could come pick up Copper, his dog, at Indian Land Middle School near the football field.

It was field day and evidently Copper heard the cheering and laughter of the children, broke out of his fenced-in yard and took off to the school approximately a mile away. He had never done anything like this before, but who could resist all that yelling of 650 kids? I guess he had to see what was going on.

Copper enjoyed all the action those 650 kids were having. It was a great time playing touch football, cornhole, tug-of-war and he wanted some of the action. They also had a pie throwing contest where the students purchased tickets for a chance to throw a pie at Principal Chris Thorpe and the assistant principals. They also had a dunking tank with other staff members as the target.

I walked the length of the football field and there they stood, my grandson holding Copper in his arms for dear life, both tongues hanging out, and a teacher at their side being so patient but looking so grateful I was there.

I have never seen a dog so tired. He was hot and ready to go home and I think my grandson would have hugged my neck if we were not in front of 649 other kids.

A big thanks to the Encore teachers, led by Kevin Mager and Meghan Ritter, who planned the entire event, and the students, staff and volunteers who all had a fantastic time, including Copper the dog. A special thanks to Principal Thorpe and the assistant principals and the teachers for being such good sports and to Laura Loughry, administrative assistant, for always going that extra mile.

Copper is still sleeping it off.

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