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Letter: PMC should be allowed to build Fort Mill’s hospital

PMC should be allowed to build Fort Mill’s hospital

Your May 28 news report that the South Carolina judge has rescinded his approval for PMC to build the new hospital in Fort Mill appears to me to be just another political speed bump delaying local residents the ability to have a real hospital facility within minutes of their homes.

PMC was given permission to build the facility years ago, apparently spent tens of thousands of dollars to have construction drawings completed, then got into a battle with two other hospital groups, all of which must have wasted tens of thousands of dollars on legal fees (which could have been used for medical equipment), finally given approval to proceed again, and now told, “no you can’t” again. Has anyone with the authority to approve building this hospital actually compared the facilities each group is proposing, such as the number of beds, size and bed capacity of the ER, operating rooms, ICU, NICU, maternity beds, delivery rooms, isolation rooms, lab facilities, MRI, CAT scan, etc., to determine what would better serve the residents instead of who would make or lose more money ?

Another deciding factor should be to determine which facility would create additional adjacent or nearby medical offices or outpatient facilities, adding to the local tax base.

Also on May 28 was an article about the school board wanting to make sure that the anticipated $2.8 million yearly tax revenue for the schools ($4.3 million total to the county) would be forthcoming. That would not be possible if a “nonprofit” corporation was awarded the certificate of need.

Maybe it is time for the state to make a decision on what is best for the Fort Mill community, and not base their decision on who you know instead of what you know.

Ron Siegler

Fort Mill