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Letter to the editor: Acquisition of TCWS has many benefits

Acquisition has many benefits

This goes out to the City of Tega Cay:

Now that your efforts to obtain the TCWS/Utilities Inc. is finalized let me extend a sincere THANK YOU for all the time and effort required to make this purchase possible.

On its face, it appears that the City of Tega Cay officials and its residents had mobilized to ultimately improve the sewer and water conditions within the city.

In reality, what you have done was much greater than that.

You successfully negotiated a tenable price for Utilities Inc., which was considerably lower than the asking price.

You set the precedent and established guidelines for other victims of Utilities Inc. to utilize and follow.

You have set the stage to eventually reduce the frequency and size of the sanitary sewer overflows.

This process will restore the good name of Tega Cay, improve our home and land values, and reclaim the integrity of Lake Wylie.

I believe the most important result of all your efforts will be the prevention from unknown illnesses that might have occurred due to the continuous contamination of our lake and water supply. This is your true legacy as city officials, state representatives and residents serving the interests of Tega Cay and the surrounding areas.

That is an accomplishment that everyone can and should be proud of.

Martin Camhi

Tega Cay