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Letter to the editor: Certificate of need gets in the way

CON gets in the way

The decision of the S.C. Supreme Court on the certificate of need question wasn’t a surprise.

The veto of Gov. Nikki Haley, sustained by the House of Representatives, served notice that some people feel the certificate of need is indeed an impediment to the efficient delivery of health care and should be repealed.

The court simply said the problem must be solved another way.

The big fight over Lexington Medical Center’s attempt to create a heart center, which it ultimately got, and the 10-year effort to build a hospital in Fort Mill, which is still being contested, should be proof enough of the wisdom of the governor.

For the life of me, I never have understood why S.C. hospitals, through their state association, insist on binding themselves to a certificate of need system that forces them to depend on the bureaucracy and the legal morass that slows down their efforts to expand and offer new services.

So what happens now?

It seems to me the governor and the General Assembly have a ready-made issue to deal with in the next session.

I hope they will act to repeal the certificate of need program and allow the free market to make and carry out decisions related to our health-care delivery system.

Charles A. Bundy