Fort Mill Times

Letter: Think ‘infrastructure’ before developing

Infrastructure not keeping up with development

It seems like business as usual concerning unchecked development in Fort Mill and most other places that place tax revenue and business interests above quality of life for the citizens of a particular area.

Nothing is inherently wrong with development as long as it’s driven by a thoughtful and patient strategy. Wouldn’t it be wise to at least discuss existing infrastructure when considering development that will add people/cars and pollution to an area, maybe make it pay for itself? Unfortunately, the people already residing in the area must pay and development is most often driven by maximum profit available, as little expense as possible (maximum profit available), and low quality (cut down all the trees so we don’t have to work around them/maximize profits) i.e. GREED!

We will need to get the town a new rubber stamp soon; The one they are using now for development requests/permits must be about worn out.

Eric McClellan

Fort Mill