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Letter: Casinos are not the answer

Casinos are not the answer

The Democrats proposition to use casinos to create new revenue for our state is a bold but misguided move.

Its lack of moral uprightness and social responsibility take way from our citizenry. Additionally, gambling is against the majority of South Carolinians deep convictions and inner gists. But the need to improve our state’s infrastructure is vast and completely thoughtful solutions are needed to fix it. Governor Haley came up with a sensible grocery tax years ago that could have solved the infrastructure problem.

But it was an additional tax and it was criticized for being an extra burden on the middle class, although the diminutive levy would have a slight affect on people from every income group.

Inventive ideas like that are made to make South Carolina better as a whole. Thus, they are not made to fit a conservative South Carolina or liberal South Carolina. Since sometimes we get caught up in the pointless partisan politics rather than what is good for the public. However, today I am offering up some solutions of my own that can make South Carolina living more comfortable.

My first idea is to encourage theme parks similar to Six Flags to have locations in the Charleston and Myrtle Beach metropolitan areas. Tourism is our number one revenue generator and promoting our most robust cities will produce economic dividends for our state. Next, we could inspirit highway safety groups to give for infrastructure funding through a public-private project. Those groups and the state can work together to support road safety and restore our transportation gateways.

Besides what we need in S.C. are plans that promote prosperity for the people. South Carolina is too great a place to ruin because of partisan gridlock or ideological obstacles. South Carolina has too much potential to risk our future on temporary patchwork instead of lasting ones. Hence, let’s focus on beautifying our great state and emboldening our economy.

Jordan Cooper